Frank Edmond’s Visa Delay Prevents Him from Entering Canada

The Harbourfront Centre in Toronto has cancelled its World State season opener because the starring actor was stuck in his native Ivory Coast.

Delayed Entry Into Canada Due to Visa

The actor, Frank Edmond Yao, was not denied entry to Canada, he was just unable to get his visa expedited in time in order to enter Canada to star in the show.

Visa Delay Prevented Frank Edmond From Playing  Othello

The play, Othello, C’est Qui, centres around one of Shakespeare’s most famous black

The World States artistic director said that, “This is especially heartbreaking for me because this work was uniquely situated in Black History month along with other Othello works in the city. The themes and ideas around Othello, c’est qui were urgent and timely.”

Visa Delays Puts Halt On Play at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre

She also added that, “his documentation may arrive tomorrow, but we can’t wait and see. My team and I are doing all that we can to ensure that this performance is eventually restaged in Toronto.”

The play is an international co-production between the Ivory Coast and Germany, and is a part of the Harbourfront Centre’s World Stage series. This particular production was scheduled to run for three days.

Canada Visa Delays Not Uncommon

Visa delays are not uncommon, but you can speak with a licensed immigration lawyer if you know you may need to apply for a visa to come to Canada to see if you have any options when it comes to avoiding delays.

Afraid of Delayed or Denied Entry Into Canada?

Canada visa denials can be a scary thought, however a TRP can help you. Learn more about the options you have if you’ve been denied entry or think you will be denied entry into Canada on our website or through a consultation with us.

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