Why Express Entry CRS is Unlikely To Go Lower than 420

By Morgan June 25, 2020 2 min. read

The Canadian Express Entry system works by assigning a point value to biographical information about you. These points are tallied and you as a part of the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) and you are awarded a score. This score is known as your CRS Score. Every time an Express Entry draw occurs, the draw announces what the lowest minimum CRS Score is along with how many applicants were invited to apply. The two most recent draws (June 25, 2020, and June 24, 2020) both had minimum scores of above 431.

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Will the CRS Score Drop Below 420?

Although it is impossible to fully know what the minimum CRS score will be, we can analyze recent trends to make a few predictions. Currently, there are 142,636 people in the Express Entry Pool with scores that range from 1200 (the maximum score) to 0 (the lowest score).

Since COVID-19 the Express Entry draws have been targeted towards those living within Canada to reduce the amount of people coming in and out of Canada. Due to this, Canada has had to reduce the minimum CRS score to allow enough people to still become Permanent Residents. Previously we predicted that the CRS score would not drop below 440 but since COVID-19, it has! There is a possibility it could drop below 420 as well if the Canadian border continues to stay closed.

Below you will see the CRS ranges and how many candidates fall under that CRS score range.

CRS Score RangeNumber of candidates
Total 142,636

If we remove the lowest two tiers (0-300 and 300-350) as well as the top tier (601-1200) we are left with 109,444 applicants. Recently, the Express Entry draws have accepted over 3000 applicants in a single draw. If no new applicants entered the pool, it would take at least ten draws to clear the applicants in the top two tiers. Which at roughly two draws a month would take five months. However, new applicants are entering the pool constantly. As a result, it is unlikely that the minimum CRS score will drop below 420 any time soon.

CRS Score RangeNumber of candidates
Total 116,060

What Can I Do if I Have a CRS Score Below 420?

Having a score below 420 does not mean you will never be able to immigrate to Canada. Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) may offer a quicker route to Canadian permanent residency than the main Express Entry Pool. PNPs are a way for provinces to select individuals that have specific skills the province needs. For example, if a province has a shortage of software engineers, it can select applicants with experience in software engineering. In this case, a person with a CRS score below 420 but with software engineering experience can be selected to apply for permanent residency. PNPs use the main Express Entry system to select applicants so if you are interested in a PNP you will still need to make an Express Entry Profile.