Corporate Immigration Lawyer: Working with HR Professionals

How a Corporate Immigration Lawyer can help your company

We have written about the role of the corporate immigration lawyer in dealing with applications for work permits and employee transfers to Canada and the US.  But in addition to handling the immigration “paper-work” , an equally important component to managing the movement of employees across borders is to understand the needs and expectations of the Human Resource or HR professionals that are often on the front line when it comes to these visa applications.

HR professionals are  under enormous pressure to deliver and get results in terms of visa processing for employees. Their mandates are directed from other managers or executives within their organizations who sometimes have no concept of the inner-workings of visa processing. The ‘details” such as time lines, paper work, qualification issues and costs are left to HR to deal with and understand.  From the HR perspective then, their task is to get the job done to meet company expectations and fend for themselves. Well they are not alone!

As immigration lawyers and attorneys, we consider HR professionals to be are our partners in the process. We have a common objective: to get the job done as painlessly as possible.  However, to succeed it is important, as a law firm, to understand the specific mandates HR has with respect to a given file. Sometimes expectations are not realistic or too ambitious. Therefore discussing the immigration reality with HR is a must. Processing times, volume of paperwork and other factors will impact the Visa processing so this information must be communicated clearly and honestly. If all parties are on the same team with respect to what to expect, then you are assured a much smoother process and a more favorable outcome.

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As corporate immigration lawyers, we rely on our HR partners towards getting results for their employees. Our working relationship with HR is as essential as the visa paperwork itself and we have found that approaching the cases as a team effort is the best approach in managing corporate immigration issues.

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