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How to Defend Yourself From Immigration Raids

Recently the raids of undocumented criminals have started in cities across America. Many undocumented immigrants, without a criminal record, are wondering what they should do if an ICE agent comes to your door. What immigrant advocates want you to do if ICE agents come to your door The sudden and unexpected deportation of the undocumented […]

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Trump’s Deportation Force Begins Raids on Undocumented Immigrants

Fear of Deportation Creeps into Undocumented Immigrants The U.S. has been experiencing many emotions throughout the past few weeks regarding immigration. Many undocumented immigrants have been keeping their children home from school even. They have even taken measures to stop attending after-school activities, weekend restaurant outings, and public events. This wave of nerves was released […]

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Travelers Race to US Before Trump Reinstates Travel Ban

Federal Judge vs President Trump Last week thousands gathered at JFK Airport to protest the detention of several travelers who had valid visas when embarking upon their flights, but who ran afoul of President Trump’s executive order restricting travel from several Middle Eastern, Muslim-majority countries. This week travelers from those seven predominantly Muslim countries are […]

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US Tech Companies Join Forces Against Immigration Travel Ban

It is a widely-held belief within tech companies that immigration to the U.S. has been and continues to be a driving force for the American economy. Tech CEOs Take a Stand Against Donald Trump’s Immigration Order Some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley have teamed up together over the weekend to support the high-profile […]

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How Will Trump’s Travel-Ban Affect You?

The newly United States President, Donald Trump, has made an executive order to temporarily block entry by citizens of seven Muslim-majority countries. The executive order Trump has issued is titled “Protecting the Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into the United States”. This directive has sent confusion onto citizens from the banned countries as well as within […]

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Canada Accepts What the U.S. is Turning Away

i Canada to offer temporary residency to travelers stranded by U.S Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been the front runner for promoting a safe environment for refugees fleeing their dangerous homeland. He has been watching the United States this week and the changes that the President has enforced. Canada has offered to house travelers stranded […]

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Will America No Longer Be “The Melting Pot” for Immigrants?

Trump bars door to refugees, visitors from seven mainly Muslim nations On Saturday afternoon there were five Iraqi and one Yemeni passenger barred from boarding an EgyptAir flight from Cairo to New York. Earlier that day Donald Trump halted the entry of citizens from seven Muslim countries. The passengers were stopped and directed to flights […]

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Increasing Indian Population in America’s Melting Pot

The United States praises having Indians immigrate to the country because of their high-skill set. However, most recent studies have shown that India is the fourth largest source of unauthorized migrants to America right behind Mexico, El Salvador and Guatemala. Although India is the fourth largest, it is the fastest-growing source. India Is the Fastest-Growing […]

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What To Expect With Donald Trump’s Immigration Policy

Donald Trump’s Immigration Policy Today marks the first day of the Trump administration being in power. In the first day we have already seen some changes to the white house website. The white house website instantly scrubbed off climate change, civil rights, LGBT, immigration, and healthcare pages. These pages are no longer available on the […]

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Immigrating to Miami? There’s a Neighborhood Just For You

Picking the Best Neighborhood Based on Your Lifestyle If you’re looking to immigrate to Miami, Florida on a work visa, you’re not alone. The Miami-Dade County in Florida has experienced a 20 percent growth within the last ten years much because of its recent immigration. Because of the immigration growth the county now has the […]

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