How to Qualify for an LMIA Work Permit

LMIA Work Permit

Hi there, this is Mira Freiwat at Today, I’d like to talk to you about some recent important changes that have been made to the work permit application process. Specifically, Labor Market Impact Assessment or LMIA. The LMIA has commonly replaced the LMO, Labor Market Opinion, and this is one of the first steps in the work permit approval process. In order to have a valid work permit issued, we must first go and obtain a positive LMIA.

Labour Market Impact Assessments (LMIA)

There are some key points to keep in mind when going to submit to LMIA; one, being as a Canadian employer, you will need to see if you are eligible and/or qualified to apply. Now, once this has been determined that a foreign national can, in fact, be hired by this Canadian employer, a National Occupational Classification Code, or NOCC Code, needs to be assessed to further supplement the application and basically show the tasks and duties that need to be fulfilled.

Requirement for LMIA

As a minimum requirement for this LMIA, there’s a few things that need to be outlined. One of them being, that this position that is being offered to the foreign worker was firstly made available to the Canadian worker, as it had been advertised for at least one month in three various sources; one of those sources could be online, another one could possibly be in an ad in a newspaper.

Another thing that needs to be outlined and demonstrated in the LMIA is that there is, in fact, a need for this foreign national to fill this position. Also, you would need to go and demonstrate that by hiring this foreign national, it is not going to have a negative impact on Canada’s labor market.

The next step would be the job offer from the employer and this would basically state that the position being offered is for full-time, permanent, paid work. And once you go and you get your positive LMIA, you are then able to go and apply for the work permit, through the Express Entry Program.

Challenges of the LMIA

The LMIA does have its challenges; some of them being the amount of time and work that go into its completion. Unfortunately, this can sometimes deter an employer from wanting to participate in hiring foreign nationals altogether. Now, this is technically complex and it is a process. Therefore, there is room for error if it is not completed properly.

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  • Andrea L

    I wanted to find out what is the process that an employer has to follow in order to apply for an LMIA for an employee that has currently worked in the company for over a year, under the Post Graduation Work Permit.

    The position is Noc A.

    Thank you so much!

    • Mira Freiwat

      Hello Andrea,

      Thank you for your inquiry. There are various factors to consider especially when it comes to the employer’s eligibility to apply for a LMIA and have it approved. There is some great information provided on this web page, but if you require more assistance with this process, email us directly at You can book a consultation with me and I will guide you step by step on what needs to be done to have your LMIA approved. MF

  • Mira Freiwat

    Hello Shail,

    Thank you for your inquiry. Although you have provided me with some information about yourself and your credentials, I would still require more details before I can accurately advise you. Please email me at with the details of your education, your spouses education, whether or not you or your spouse have relatives in Canada, your IELTS score for you and your spouse, as well as if you or your spouse have a job offer from a Canadian Employer. I look forward to hearing from you soon! MF

  • Shail

    Dear Sir,

    Holder of Indian passport , i am married and have a kid of 3 years old.

    I would like to work temp / permanent/ migratr / open work permit what so ever applies to my profile for Canada.

    Qualification : NOC 0632

    Experience of 4 years Managerial Level

    Looking gorward to hear from you

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