Immigration Through Expression of Interest

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Hello, my name is Michael Niren. I’m an immigration lawyer and founder of There was a recent article in the CBC outlining proposed
plan for 2015 called “The Expression of Interest Program,” and what that’s
about is changing the immigration system to be based more on immediate need
for labor and how it’s supposed to work is that applicants for immigration
make an application to express their interest  in immigration to Canada.

How Does Expression of Interest Work?

They go into a pool of applicants and somehow, they’re matched up with
prospective employers who will go through their resumes, go through their
credentials and see whether or not they’d be eligible and desired to work
in their companies. So, there’s a match-making process that will be
followed in this new “Expression of Interest” system. Citizenship and
Immigration has stated that they don’t want to be in the game of selecting

What Are the Benefits of Expression of Interest?

They want to rely on employers in Canada to select the best and the
brightest using the matching system. Now, I think this is a good program in
that you are allowing employers to make the decision on who to bring to
Canada as opposed to the government. I think that’s a much more logical
system. Now, it’s being processed through the intermediary of a government
system called “Expression of Interest.”  Ideally, I think we don’t even
need that.

I think employers who are looking for applicants should be able to do that
in a more streamlined process, but this is going in the right direction for
sure. In any event, this is proposed to start in 2015.  We don’t have a lot
of details yet as to how it’s going to work specifically, but it’s modeled
after the Australian  and New Zealand system and we look forward to getting
more information from Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

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In the meantime, it’s important that employers prepare for this and
applicant prepare for this, as well, because they’re going to be
scrutinized based on their credentials and the immediate labor needs of
Canadians. All right. So, we’ll keep you posted on this new “Expression of
Interest” system as we get more information. Thank you and have a great

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