How To Apply for a Canadian Tourist Visa


Do you want to be a tourist in Canada? Canada is a hotspot for many vacationers from around the globe. There are many different things to do in Canada, and thousands of visitors come to our country every year.

Applying for a Canadian Tourist Visa

People who are from specific countries (called visitor exempt countries) simply need their valid passport to come and visit Canada.

However, those who are from countries that require visas will have to obtain a tourist visa, also called a temporary resident visa for Canada.

A list of these countries can be found here.

Requirements for a Canadian Tourist Visa

There are specific requirements you need to meet if you want to apply for a tourist visa in Canada. These requirements include:

  • You must leave Canada after your visit.
  • You are financially stable enough to support yourself and any family members who are with you when you visit Canada.
  • You are only visiting Canada and will not work or study.
  • You must follow the law and may have to submit a Police Certificate.
  • You cannot be a security threat.
  • You need to be in good health and not have a medical issue that poses a threat to others. If necessary, you might need to have a medical exam conducted.

If you meet all of the above requirements for a tourist visa in Canada, you will have to prove this via your supporting documentation.

How to Apply for a Tourist Visa for Canada

You will need to obtain a temporary resident visa application kit. After obtaining your kit, ensure that you read the application form completely and that you understand all of the instructions. You need to follow these instructions exactly – if you miss anything when you apply or you make a mistake, your application will be denied or returned to you.

Complete the form and ensure all of the supporting documentation that is required for a tourist visa in Canada is attached in your application.

Application Fees

You will have to pay the fee for your tourist visa, as well as include the receipt for this fee in your application package.

Please note that your application fee for the tourist visa is non-refundable, even if it is denied or refused.

Are You Interested in Applying for a Canadian Tourist Visa

It is important to get your application right the first time! We Niren & Associates can help you apply for a tourist visa for Canada and ensure your application fee isn’t wasted. All of Niren & Associates’ cases are handled by independent, licensed and award winning Canadian and U.S. lawyers who adhere to the highest standards of client service. If you have immigration questions, we may have the answers you seek.

Michael Niren

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  • Pacey

    Hello, Michael

    My bestfriend wants to come here in Canada on the first week of July, and we are now in the process of gathering documents and files. I sent him a notarized letter of invitation, my bank statement, my NOA, my tenancy contract, proof of car ownership, and other proofs of funds as well as my proof of PR status here in Canada. He is also on top of his individual documents such as family ties, property ties and proof of funds. He has documents such as car deed of donation in his name, a deed of sale of a land property in his name, proof of religious ties in his city in the Philippines, bank statement (with over 5,000 CAD), a detailed itinerary, his parents’ proof of funds and assets (as his parents will also fund a portion of his vacation), and he even has proof of relationship to the sponsor (me, who is his bestfriend) in the form of photographs. He also has a valid roundtrip ticket from Philippines to Vancouver starting on July 10, 2014 and returning on November 10, 2014 (4 months intended stay). He will be living with me in my apartment, and I clearly stated in the letter that I will be legally responsible for him during his brief stay in Canada). Part of his itinerary here is attending a summer workshop on 3D Visual Animation and Effects at Vancouver Film School. So he has pretty much a lot of documents, but he only has one problem, though: his contract with his employer ended April 15, 2014. So he is currently a freelance graphic designer, with no regular employer, just part-time. Ane he also doesn’t have any travel history. This would be his first time traveling internationally. I have a few questions:

    1. How strong do you think my bestfriend’s application is at the moment? Do you think there’s still a chance of him getting granted a TRV even though he is currently just a freelancer?

    2. Do you know what the processing time for TRV is in the Philippines as of now?

    3. In filling up the application forms, is it crucial to put “NA” or “Not Applicable” in fields that don’t apply to you?

    4. What other documents make a strong TRV application?

    I miss my bestfriend so much, and it would mean the world to me if he could come by for a visit, so we can see each other after years of separation.

    This would really help a lot, you guys. Thanks in advance for answering.

    • Hello Pacey
      Thank you for your post.
      It looks like you and your friend are well prepared for the TRV application. I do not have much to add. For more information about TRVs you can visit our site. Or if you wish, you can considering having a professional represent your friend.
      Best of Luck

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