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Interested in Migrating from Mexico to Canada?

Canada has become an ideal haven for many immigrants, and migrating from Mexico to Canada provides benefits for many individuals seeking a safe, happy, and productive life. While the benefits may be worth pursuing, the application process contains many steps. Working with a good immigration lawyer can help you understand the requirements and complete what is necessary for you to become a Canadian citizen.

Advice for Aspiring Canadian Immigrants from Mexico

While Canada has a history of welcoming individuals from many nations, there are some traits that may be especially appealing. Canadian immigrants who have characteristics that will complement and enhance the surrounding community are looked upon favourably.

You may have an advantage in your quest to immigrate to Canada if you:

  • Speak French or English
  • Have special skills
  • Have unique work experience

There are other ways to immigrate legally, and your attorney can help you determine how you may qualify. You may request entry into Canada to be reunited with family members, as long as those family members are permanent residents themselves. Adoption is another way that you may migrate from Mexico to Canada.

Canadian Citizenship Benefits for Mexicans Who Want to Immigrate

You will have many rights when you become a citizen. This means that you will be viewed the same way under the law as other Canadian citizens. Some of these benefits include the right to:

  • reside permanently in Canada
  • work in Canada
  • receive a fair trial

Being recognized legally will also afford you protection against various discriminatory practices. The freedom to assemble peacefully will be another benefit. You will be able to express yourself freely according to the law as well. While being able to live in Canada temporarily may have some advantages, being a citizen may make you eligible for many more career and personal opportunities. As a citizen you will have the right to vote, and you may leave and enter the country without jeopardizing your status. This may be a welcome relief for you and your family, and your immigration attorney can help you understand all of the wonderful benefits that come with citizenship.

Canadian Citizenship Requirements

The citizenship requirements for most applicants are relatively clear. Immigrants who were adopted by Canadian citizens and children under the age of eighteen must meet different requirements. While there are restrictions regarding individuals with past criminal activity, a qualified applicant must be:

  • Eighteen years old or older
  • A permanent resident
  • A Canadian resident for three years or more

Being able to communicate in English or French will help your case and this sort of language proficiency may help you find employment as a new resident as well. Your application for citizenship will include being able to demonstrate your knowledge about Canada, and your language skills may make this portion of applying for citizenship easier to accomplish. The immigration process may be lengthy, but your lawyer can help you avoid any problems when coming to Canada from Mexico.

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2 thoughts on “Interested in Migrating from Mexico to Canada?

  1. Natanael Salgado

    i just ended high school, i’m 18 years old, and at the moment i’m about to enter to the university, i’m from cuernavaca, morelos, México. And i have 5 months before i go to college, so i think about getting a job and be independient, that’s why i thought on moving this months to canada, getting a job and saving some money for college(i’ll come back to mexico to study marketing). I looked for some job offers and i found one, specially in the city i want to move (Brossard, Quebec), being there i’ll have to rent a place where i can stand for that time and i already looked for that too and found a good appartament. The reason i’m sending this is because i need an advise on how to do the process or if what i think its a good planning method. Hope to get an answer soon, thank you

    1. Immigration Lawyers

      Hi Natanael,
      Congratulations for graduating high school and moving onto higher education! I can understand how the process of studying in another country can be very overwhelming. Here is some more information on Canadian Student Visa: Please, complete this form for me it is just a quick and easy way for me to learn more details about you and your situation so that I will be able to advise you accurately and determine the best avenue for us to take to help you obtain the correct visa for you to immigrate to Canada.

      The above response is for informational purposes only and does not form a lawyer-client relationship nor should it be construed to be legal advice.


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