Over 500 people who have Canadian citizenship have been informed this year by Citizenship and Immigration Canada that they will be having their Canadian citizenship revoked because they obtained it fraudulently. 

This is a very significant step by the government, who has only revoked about 50 Canadian citizenships since 1947. And those citizenships were mostly related to serious criminals like Nazis or others who had committed war crimes.

But the government of Canada is cracking down on people who have obtained their Canadian citizenship fraudulently, beginning with those 500 people and a further 3,100 who are being investigated.

In addition, over 7,000 more people who have applied for permanent residency are also being investigated.

As the year draws to a close, it’s important that anyone who is considering applying to immigrate to Canada or obtain their Canadian citizenship understands that fraudulently obtaining your citizenship will result in it being revoked.

Unfortunately, not everyone who has obtained their Citizenship fraudulently or omitted information when immigrating has done so knowing it was fraud – in many cases, these people are being given very bad advice by immigration consultants who they think they can trust.

Only use authorized immigration representatives

Please note that not all immigration representatives have the ability or authority to give you immigration advice, as they must be authorized immigration representatives first. These included licensed immigration lawyers and immigration consultants that are members of the regulatory council.

While many of those who are having their citizenship revoked have abused the system or obtained their Canadian citizenship fraudulently, there will also likely be many people caught up in this who made a mistake and didn’t realize that their actions could have such severe consequences.

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