New Radar Systems Track Movement of People and Vehicles

New Lynx Radar systemThe Lynx Multi-mode Radar may be one of the hottest topics in future arguments about national defense and privacy, as General Atomics Aeronautical Systems recently announced that they have finished the testing phase of the Lynx and will move on to production.  In conjunction with the US Department of Homeland Security, the Lynx will be incorporated into the national security’s Predator drone fleet that patrols the boundaries of the American-Canadian border and the American-Mexican border.  While border disputes towards the south have been a major focus of national news, the border between America and Canada actually has greater movement of narcotics, weapons, and cash (though not illegal immigrants).

What The Lynx Radar Can Do

Multi-mode radar hits several different sources of sound rather than just one in order to get a scope of its target.  The Lynx can combine synthetic aperture radar, which targets motion, a ground moving target indicator, which focuses on a target relative to its surroundings, and a dismount moving target indicator, which will track objects as they move to and from a central position.  This means that slow-moving vehicles like trucks, cars, motorcycles, and even jets skis will be able to be tracked more comprehensively, and those riding the vehicles will be able to be tracked simultaneously.  A predator drone can stay aloft for up to twenty hours, so that it may detect a target as it moves to and from across a border.  The Lynx radar system will allow it to operate over a larger range to track more information.

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