Canadian Immigration News: September 15, 2017

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Experts say that there are many professions today and for the future that are in high demand for Canada. There is an active path that Canada is following to increase the number of jobs and decrease the unemployment rate. There was a large, strong wave of new jobs in the spring of 2017 which lead to more hiring in private sectors, particularly in full-time work. But just because many people are being hired, it has also been shown that more jobs are being created which is ideal for newcomers such as immigrants. The Canadian labour market is looking to hire more immigrants than ever. According to the Canadian July 2017 Labour Force Survey, there was a notable increase in employment in wholesale and retail trade. There was also an increase of people working in manufacturing which rose by 14,000 people in 5 months. The Employment and Social Development Canada’s spokesman Josh Bueckert commented: ” Over the next few years, the best outlooks for the Canadian economy will be concentrated in many occupations, including those related to health, social sciences, business, finance, and administration.” If you are skilled and educated in these professions immigrating to Canada may be in your future!

Canadian Work Force

Last week the United States seemingly ended their DACA program which protected undocumented children brought into the United States by their parents. The program gave the kids a chance for education, work, and a drivers license. Now that the program has ended immigration specialists are believing that these undocumented students in the United States may become international students in Canada. Canada has already started to reach out and offer scholarships to DACA recipients that are top of their class. Huron University College in Ontario, Canada announced they would offer a $60,000 scholarship to any academically eligible student affected by the DACA shutdown. If DREAMers can’t stay in the United States they should consider Canada as many students from around the world already do.

Canada DACA

Canada Immigration News


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  11. Customer service a new concept for Canada’s Immigration Department

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  13. Actors scheduled to perform at IMPACT 17 in Kitchener denied visas

  14. Canadian teacher left in visa limbo as class taught by temporary staff
  15. Canada Has Done Even Less For Its ‘Dreamers’ Than The U.S.

  16. What’s This? Now Canada Is Deporting Illegal Aliens In Growing Numbers

  17. Fearing deportation, Haitian earthquake refugees flee the US for Canada

  18. Under Trump’s immigration plan, my mom wouldn’t have been welcome in America. Here’s why he’s wrong.
  19. I-Team: Haitian Refugees Fleeing US Over Deportation Fears

  20. Canadian vs. United States citizenship
  21. Family facing deportation despite dad being highly skilled aviation mechanics

  22. Canada 150 will celebrate partnerships with India: Envoy

  23. Kansas shooting: Murdered Indian techie’s widow gets temporary work visa in US

  24. What could the rescission of DACA in the US mean for international education?

  25. After US, now UK, Australia and Canada likely to curb visas for Indian techies

  26. Airport Parking and Hotels compares working holiday visas for UK Gap Year travelers

  27. Jobs outlook looks positive in Canada

  28. The Fantasy of Trump’s Skills-Based Immigration Proposal

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