Former BlackBerry Executive Deported From Canada After Firing

A former executive for Canadian company RIM (now known as BlackBerry), has allegedly been deported from Canada after being fired from his high-level position within the company for an outburst on an airplane.

In 2011, George Campbell and vice president Paul Wilson were on a place from Toronto to Beijing and ended up having to be restrained on the flight after a drunken outburst that forced the plane to land in Vancouver. After two days in custody the pair were fired and ordered to pay restitution to the airline to the tune of almost $40,000. This restitution covers the costs of extra fuel and vouchers given to others aboard the plane, who had to be accommodated for the disruption.deportation from Canada

Executive was on a work permit at the time of firing

George Campbell is originally from Scotland, as was Paul Wilson. Campbell was in Canada on a work permit and had no criminal record, but his firing resulted in deportation from Canada.

While Wilson was also fired, he is a permanent resident of Canada and was able to remain in the country. According to the B.C. Court of Appeal, Campbell was able to return to a job in Scotland that was similar to his Canadian job after being deported.

According to the court documents, the men were acting “unruly and belligerent, yelling and swearing at passengers and crew alike.”

A member of the flight crew was pushed, one of the flight attendants had to take stress leave after the incident, and the captain had said he’d never seen anything like it after flying for almost 40 years.


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  • Dean

    Will a permanent resident be removed from Canada if ordered to pay an approximate $10000 in restitution ?

    • Hello Dean

      Thank you for your question. Usually a civil penalty won’t result in a removal for a PR. If its a criminal charge that would be more likely.

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