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Stories from the Border

Immigration and ICE were the main topics of discussion at a meeting in Saratoga Springs where Diana Barnes—member of Saratoga Springs’ Human Rights Task Force—shared her concerns about ICE raids impacting the city’s economy. Her statements established her position on US immigration. “[Immigrants] are not on welfare, they are not taking jobs that others want and they are paying taxes and social security,” Barnes stated. “They are paying into a system from which they will never collect. They are living in the shadows, and ICE is lying in wait outside their homes.” In other news, the Silicon Valley Competitiveness and Innovation Project Report studied the number of foreign-born workers in the science, engineering, and technology industries and concluded that immigrants outweigh domestic workers in almost every tech hub in the US. This new information highlights the importance of immigration and the necessary STEM workers that are needed every year. Moreover, the Trump administration announced this week that it will permit 15,000 extra H-2B visas for the fiscal year. The administration stated that these visas are crucial for companies that cannot find the necessary labor needed to keep them afloat.


Arrests are high under the Trump administration but deportations are low. This is due to greater backlogs in the US court system. It can take up to two years for the court system to complete a deportation case. Additionally, artists have created 400 painted suitcases as part of the “Immigration Nation” exhibit at Urbano Project in Boston. The artwork reflects the struggle for immigrants to discover their identities and gain acceptance in the US. The city of Denver continues to protect its immigrants. The city does not want law enforcement to cooperate with federal immigration authorities, and it has created a proposal that would ensure this if implemented. Many cities throughout the United States have been implementing measures that are similar to Denver’s. Some cities believe that they are under no obligation to “help” ICE deport immigrants. They do not want their communities to live in fear, and they continue to take action in order to ensure the protection of their immigrants. As stated in previous US Immigration News articles, there will always be two sides to the US immigration debate.

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