Deportation Changes Under the Trump Administration

Trump Introduces the Era of Express Deportations

What happens to a convicted foreign national in the United States? Well, he or she would normally be transferred to a detention center upon completion of a prison sentence before deportation. But under the Trump administration, this will change. Using “judicial orders of removal,” a convicted foreign national will face deportation directly after the completion of a prison term. Informally named, “express deportations,” this action by the Trump administration will allow the government to save money, create more room in detention centers, and cut the time it takes to deport somebody.

It seems evident that the Trump administration is serious about crimes committed by foreign nationals in the United States, and this “express deportation” action further signals the era of Trump’s crackdown on immigration. Judicial orders of removal are not a new concept. In fact, they have been an option in the US legal system for quite some time but were rarely utilized because deportation proceedings were the common form of detaining convicted foreign nationals. However, US immigration courts were getting inundated with deportation cases due to the prevalence of housing convicted foreign nationals in US detention centers.  This flood of cases stalled the US court system, and a different measure soon seemed necessary.

Within the span of four years (2012-2016), more than 500,000 cases were waiting to be reviewed by judges in US immigration courts. The administration hopes to make a significant dent in that number with express deportations as they begin to send foreign nationals directly back to their home countries as soon as they complete their sentences in prison. This does not mean that somebody who has a case for staying in the United States will not be able to remain. It seems that the administration will focus on convicted foreign nationals who can be deported without having to undergo a lengthy court process.

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