The U.S. is Experiencing a High Number of Cuban Refugees

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                 Most recently, in less than two weeks, there has been reportedly more than 100 Cuban immigrants who landed in the Florida Keys. This has been keeping the federal agents and local police in the Keys very busy proceeding the new arrivals of the immigrants.

                Although many immigrants are landing in the Florida Keys, the U.S. Coast Guard and Customs and Border Protection have been busy stopping immigrants from reaching the U.S. soil as well. Last week, in only two days, the Coast Guard stopped 92 illegal immigrants trying to make it to South Florida. Also last week, the Marine Operations stopped two vessels carrying approximately 31 migrants trying to land in the upper keys.

               Over the past two years, the amount of immigrants fleeing Cuba has increased significantly. Although the most popular season to migrate to America from Cuba is the summer, there has been high numbers of immigrants last month. Cubans have been coming to America for many years because of the close proximity to the US. There’s also a “wet-foot, dry-foot” part of the law that says those who are caught at sea are returned to their country but those who land on dry land are safe. This policy was put into place to protect those who leave their country because their country is considered hostile.

             Although there has been an increase of immigrants coming to South Florida, the division chief of the U.S. Border Patrol, Agent Todd Bryant, says “We had a busy weekend. I would not say yet though that we are trending upward”. He also stated that “Sea state and other factors play a heavy role in the ebb and flow maritime smuggling events”. The Marine Patrol are continuing to heavily control the waters attempting to stop Cubans and other immigrants landing in the US. We do expect a high number of refugee landing in the US as well as an increase in the number of immigrants being stopped at sea.


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