Changes to Assessment Criteria for Intra-Company Transferees


On June 9 of 2014, Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) released a new, expanded guideline.

It allows you to obtain work permit applications in regards to the intra-company transfer. This is the specialized knowledge category. As an applicant, you need specialized knowledge and experience.

Assessment Criteria Changes for Intra-Company Transferees

These changes have gone into affect immediately. So the changes to the Citizenship Act directly affect your application. You must pass the additional elements of the application requirement. Due to this, it is essential to know and understand what these changes are. One new element revolves around changes to the actual interpretation of specialized knowledge. The other is in regards to the minimum wage requirement once you are awarded the permit.

Specialized Knowledge

In order to prove specialized knowledge, you must have a high degree of knowledge on a specific topic. Whether this is in manufacturing, computer science, marketing or any other form of work, you must show proof.

You also must demonstrate an advanced expertise in the subject. This generally is actual work in the field. But an advanced degree in the topic also quantifies an applicant for the new changes to the Citizenship Act.

Uncommon Knowledge & Specialized Skills

You also need to prove you have uncommon knowledge from within the industry that not just anyone is going to have. The country wants to first hire on individuals from within. Unless you can prove you have special skills that go above and beyond what the average worker might have.

This might consist of:

  • Special training in your field
  • A specific certification
  • Work experience from a high-level firm

These skills must also be difficult to transfer to another individual yet are still required by the business you are applying for.

Basically, you must hold a skill only a few other applicants might have.

Minimum Wage Requirement

The new minimum wage requirement is now pegged to the median wage of the particular job you are obtaining. If you are curious, you can click here to view all of the current median and high wages for a particular position.

The mandatory minimum wage does not apply to the North American Free Trade Agreement or other free trade agreements.

However, the wages are a factor that is considered by officers when applying for the permit. These wages are often an important factor when determining the overall worth and knowledge you have.

Are You Interested in Intra-Company Transfer?

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