Canada Flag IconInternational Students in Canada

Canada Remains a Top Destination for International Students

By Zainab JamalMay 22, 2020
Study Permits

Immigration remains a priority and at the forefront of the agenda as Canada continues to recognize the importance of immigration amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Immigration is of vital importance to Canada and the contributions of international students are undeniable. “International students contribute significant economic, social and cultural value to Canada”. Per The Honourable Marco E. L. […]

Canada Flag IconLost a Job in Canada as an Immigrant

Losing a Job in Canada Because of COVID-19 as an Immigrant

By Zainab JamalMay 11, 2020
Working in Canada

Coronavirus has undoubtedly taken the world by storm and during these unprecedented times, it is prudent to know your Canadian immigration options. Coronavirus has affected all our lives; however, foreign nationals may feel especially vulnerable because their legal immigration status may also be at stake. Understandably, many do not find this an ideal time for […]