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How Much Proof of Funds Do I Need for Express Entry in 2022?

By SierraMay 16, 2022
Permanent Residency

Along with other recent changes, the IRCC has recently announced that the proof of funds required for Express Entry applicants has increased!

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Buying a Car in Canada as an Immigrant 2022

By SierraMay 11, 2022
Permanent Residency

When moving to Canada, depending on the provinces walkability, you may be interested in buying a car for transportation reasons!

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How To Get A Driver’s License in Canada as an Immigrant

By SierraMay 9, 2022
Permanent ResidencyResourcesSettle in Canada

For newcomers coming to Canada, getting a driver’s license may be important for transportation reasons. Here is what to know about driving in Canada!

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Saskatchewan Launches New Immigration Pathway for Tech Workers

By SierraMarch 23, 2022
Working in Canada

We have great news for tech workers interested in Canada PR, more specifically Saskatchewan through a new tech-immigration program!

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COVID-19 Test Requirement Is Lifted for Fully Vaccinated Travelers

By SierraApril 1, 2022
Visitor VisasTourist

It was announced that starting April 1, 2022, those who are fully vaccinated will not need a negative COVID-19 test to enter Canada.

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Do I Have To Wear A Mask In Ontario, Canada?

By SierraMarch 21, 2022
Visitor Visas

Beginning Monday, March 21st, those living in Ontario may choose whether to wear a mask or not as the province lifts its indoor mask mandate.

Canada Flag IconAtlantic Immigration Program

New Launch: Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) 2022

By SierraMarch 11, 2022
Working in Canada

On March 4th, the Government of Canada released details about the newest Atlantic Immigration Program (AIP) launch and its goals!

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H-1B to Green Card Process in 4 Steps

By SierraJanuary 12, 2022
Work in the USH-1B Visa

Many immigrants come to the US on a temporary H-1B work visa looking to obtain a green card in the future. Here are the steps from H-1B to green card!

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Latest COVID-19 Travel Restrictions in Canada

By SierraMarch 21, 2022

New travel restrictions have been announced! Here’s what you need to know about entering Canada as an international traveler in 2022.

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Can I Travel to the United States in 2022?

By SierraJanuary 26, 2022

The US has taken serious precautions due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Here are all the US travel restrictions you might’ve missed!

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Taking an IELTS Language Test for Canadian Immigration

By SierraDecember 20, 2021

The IELTS language test was created to help immigrants work, study, or migrate through other pathways to Canada. Here’s what to know!

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How Immigration Laws Are Affecting Documented Dreamers

By SierraDecember 21, 2021

Many individuals part of the DACA program are currently in limbo with immigration laws and looking for ways to avoid deportation.

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New COVID-19 Variant Omicron: Latest US Travel Restrictions

By SierraDecember 20, 2021

The newest Coronavirus variant Omicron is quickly spreading nationwide and the US is ready to tighten travel restrictions to avoid the spread.

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New COVID-19 Variant Omicron: Latest Canadian Travel Restrictions

By SierraDecember 29, 2021

Scientists around the world have discovered the newest COVID-19 strain called Omicron. Here are Canada’s latest travel restrictions!

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US Introduces Gender ‘X’ Passport for Non-Binary, Intersex, and Gender-Nonconforming Individuals

By SierraDecember 18, 2021
Green CardUS Citizenship

The US joins a handful of other countries and recently issued the first passport to an individual who falls under the new Gender ‘X’.

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