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Canada Resumes Online Visa Application Processing

By CaseyJuly 1, 2020
Visitor Visas

The IRCC has announced that beginning on July 1st, Canada will resume processing all online applications for visitor visas, transit visas and electronic travel authorizations (eTAs). Canada’s travel restrictions still apply, so many people will not be able to travel to Canada at this time. Resuming processing of these visas is an effort to be […]

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Will Canada Change Immigration Processing in 2020?

By CaseyJuly 1, 2020

July 1 Update: The IRCC resumes processing for all online applications for visitor visas, transit visas and electronic travel authorizations (eTAs). Immigration to Canada changed dramatically in March when borders everywhere closed down to stop the spread of COVID-19. Though some already have permission to enter Canada (temporary foreign workers and students), thousands of others, including refugees, remain abroad, still waiting […]

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How to Immigrate to the US as an Engineer

By CaseyJune 16, 2020
Work in the USJob Opportunities
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Latest Updates on Coronavirus Impact on Canadian Immigration

By CaseyJuly 1, 2020

Note: This page is constantly being updated. Please visit regularly for the most recent information. Read about VisaPlace’s statement on operating during the Coronavirus pandemic. Update 7/1: IRCC resumes processing all online applications for visitor visas, transit visas and electronic travel authorizations (eTAs). Update 6/16: Canada and the United States have made another agreement to […]

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Are TRVs (Temporary Resident Visas) Still Being Processed?

By CaseyJune 9, 2020
Visitor Visas

Update 6/9/20: The IRCC announced that Canada will resume the processing of temporary resident visas (TRVs) submitted online as well as electronic travel authorization (eTA) applications on June 9. IRCC also stated it will resume TRV processing online “to the extent possible.” Applications will be prioritized for individuals who are currently eligible to travel based on current travel […]

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Travel Restrictions Between Canada and US to be Extended

By CaseyMay 20, 2020

Both Canada and the United States have settled on a plan to extend the ban on all non-essential travel between the two countries through June 21 in order to continue the fight against the Coronavirus pandemic. This was brought to each nations attention on Tuesday after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke about the topic. The […]

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Canada’s Global Talent Stream

By CaseyMay 20, 2020
Permanent ResidencyWorking in Canada

Introduced in June 2017, the Global Talent Stream has allowed Canada to welcome nearly 40,000 newcomers to live there. This stream is a two-year pilot program that assists certain Canadian employers to hire highly-skilled talent from around the world. This allows Canadian employers to advance the hiring of foreign workers to fill specialized occupations when […]

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Canadian Immigration Options for French Speakers

By CaseyMay 19, 2020
Permanent Residency

Both the Federal and provincial governments have resources specifically available to help French-speaking immigrants mesh into their new communities. There are many options available to French speaking foreign workers for both temporary residence and permanent residence. The immigration programs presented by the government test for proficiency in both English and French, meaning that French-speakers stand […]

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CAQ: Quebec Certificate of Acceptance

By CaseyMay 13, 2020
Working in CanadaStudy Permits

The Certificat d’Acceptation du Quebec (Quebec Acceptance Certificate, CAQ) is required for most temporary foreign workers and students who intend to reside in the province of Quebec. Students Who Need a CAQ To get your CAQ, you will need to meet certain conditions. Studying has to be your main activity and you need to maintain a valid […]

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New Self-Isolation Plan for Those Returning to Canada

By CaseyApril 23, 2020

Although Canada is still welcoming home travelers, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a new national isolation plan that would take effect at midnight on Wednesday April 14th EST. This isolation plan will be required for all international travelers returning to Canada both through border crossings and airports due to the Coronavirus.  What Exactly Does This […]

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Trump Executive Order Suspending US Immigration: What This Really Means and What You Should Do

By CaseyApril 23, 2020

*Update 4/23/2020 11:07am The rule largely hits negatively the following groups – Parents of US citizens, Siblings of US citizens, Spouses and minor children of permanent residents, Green card lottery winners People NOT effected (These visa are still open) Spouses & minor children of US citizens, Special Immigrant Visas, EB-5 investor visas, Temporary visas of any kind—All work, […]

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Are Workers Allowed to Cross the US/Canada Border During Coronavirus?

By CaseyApril 6, 2020
Working in Canada

Beginning on March 22, 2020 the United States and Canada decided to go through with their plan to close the US/Canada border to non-essential businesses in attempt to stop the Coronavirus outbreak. The exception for traffic deemed “essential” as well as for trade transportation between the two countries announced appear to be an effort to […]

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How the Coronavirus Will Affect US Immigration

By CaseyJune 22, 2020

Note: This page is constantly being updated. Please visit regularly for the most recent information. Read about VisaPlace’s statement on operating during the Coronavirus pandemic. June 22 Update: President Trump signed an order that will go into effect on June 24, 2020. This executive order is to restrict foreign workers from being employed in the US in […]

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Can Temporary Residents Travel to Canada During Coronavirus Travel Ban?

By CaseyMarch 25, 2020

Canada had announced previously that the only people allowed to enter Canada will be Permanent Residents and Citizens of Canada. Recently they retracted their statement by exempting International Students and Foreign Workers. International students are exempt from Canada’s Coronavirus travel ban as long as they have a valid study permit or have been approved for […]

Alyssa Lowe

By CaseyMarch 19, 2020

With a dual role as Client Services Manager and HR Generalist, Alyssa has the ability to work closely with both clientele and her colleagues on the VisaPlace team. Her focus is to provide optimal customer service as well as to assist the VisaPlace team with furthering their rapid growth. Alyssa works closely with the Director […]

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