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Expedited Green Cards for business purposes

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USA Immigration

Can a Green Card be expedited for a corporate venture? I have recently negotiated a deal with an American company that will require me to move to US for quite some time. It is possible to obtain a Green Card under such circumstances?

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  1. Jenny on Jul 12, 2012 Reply

    You may make an expedite request, which shall be reviewed and decided at the discretion of the Immigration officer. The request is evaluated on a case-to-case basis and is highly discretionary. You must therefore establish that you have met one or more of the criteria to expedite your case:

    1. Severe financial loss to company or an individual
    2. Humanitarian grounds
    3. Extreme emergency situation
    4. In furtherance of the Cultural and social interest of the US
    5. National interest – must have a request from a US government official stating that delay will be detrimental to the government)
    6. There is a USCIS error
    7. Compelling interest of USCIS

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