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US H1B, Indian National and Canada work Visa.

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I have a question . I have given the case below.

Scenario 1:
H1B holder, has a total of 1.9 yrs left to complete 6 yrs.
Gets a Canadian work permit and a position to move there immediately , can he apply for a Canadian PR, if so how soon??
Can he still Keep his H1B while he does that?

Scenario 2:
His H1B employer sends him on a project to Canada with a Work permit.
The employer wants to initiate a GC here in the US while he is on a project there in Canada with a work permit is that possible?
Can the employer not process a GC here and will process a PR there or is both Canadian PR and US GC possible while the employee is in Canada on projects??

Scenario 3:
H1B Employee is here in US , GC initiated- can he apply for a Canadian PR being here in the US , Both GC and PR being processed parallel?
GC initiated, applying for work permit in Canada and working there temporarily, will this hamper GC process?

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  1. Fadi Minawi on May 07, 2014 Reply


    Your hypothetical scenarios are really rich in detail;you would be much better off seeking a consultation with a professional or professionals that deal with both Canadian and US immigration. Please fill out our online immigration assessment http://www.visaplace.com/immigration-assessment/ and we will get back to you.



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  2. KV on May 07, 2014 Reply

    Thank you so much for the response.
    Now there is time gap between my question and this answer, meanwhile,I was able to find some answers. I would like to apply for the FSW program this year. I have filled in the details in the form and would appreciate your help in this regards. I am serious and would like to hire Visa Place for my filing after the free consultation, I would like to get started with you guys.
    I now have different set of Q’s for you. I know I am going to be called in 24 hrs. Will wait to talk to you.
    Thank you once again.

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