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Am I eligible to apply for Canadian Experience Class?

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I have 6 months work skilled work experience in one company and 6 month same skilled work experience in a different company. Am I still eligible to apply under Canadian Experience Class?

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  1. Anisa Dattu on Mar 24, 2014 Reply

    Hi there, the minimum requirement for work experience is 12 months under a NOC A, B or 0 occupation. Please note that the work experience must be obtained under proper authorization and cannot fall within one of the six exempt occupations. Only 12,000 complete applications will be accepted yearly. AND There will be sub-caps of 200 applications for each NOC B applications.

    Due to the tremendous opportunity such a visa allows its applicant, the rate of application is extremely high and not all that apply may be accepted. Please fill out our free assessment to get more information about your eligibility under the CEC class – http://www.visaplace.com/immigration-assessment/.

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  2. jeyasimha on Jun 13, 2015 Reply

    Do I require to have relevant experience in line with my education?

    I am a Civil engineer but have software work experience in siebel, powerbuilder and GIS. Is that ok to apply for PR visa?

    The last & primary skill set I have worked is Computing professional – specializing in SIEBEL (41 months).

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