Canada recruiting English-speaking workers from the United Kingdom

According to this article in the Huffington Post, the Canadian government is actively seeking skilled workers originally from Poland who have immigrated to the United Kingdom, going even so far as to be accused of “stealing” the United Kingdom’s immigrants. 

Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney met with representatives of the United Kingdom’s Polish community last month during a visit to the United Kingdom in hopes of convincing Polish immigrants to the United Kingdom to head to Canada. “Many of you would find a better job in Canada,” he told Polish migrants, as well as mentioning that Canada has a lower cost of living, better social mobility and better economy than the United Kingdom.

“The government of Canada is committed to building an immigration system that actively recruits talent rather than passively processing all applications that we receive,” said Kenney in a speech to Polish migrants in Ireland. “There are approximately 200,000 poles living in Ireland, many with highly advanced skills in the trades needed in Canada’s labour market.”

Skilled workers needed in Canada

Canada is currently facing a labour shortage in several important industries, and the Polish community living in the United Kingdom represents an important skill pool – plus, having lived in the United Kingdom they are more likely to have English-speaking skills. The Canadian government expects to have a trade show in the United Kingdom next year in hopes of encouraging the Polish community in the United Kingdom to come to Canada.

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3 thoughts on “Canada recruiting English-speaking workers from the United Kingdom

  1. Milosz

    Hello im polish living about 11 years in the uk.i would like to know more working and living in canada.can you send me some info and where to apply for visa

    1. Muga Rajbhandari

      Hello Milosz. We would need to know a lot more about your situation in order to give you advice. I am going to suggest that you contact us to make an appointment to talk with one of our immigration professionals who will be able to plan the best strategy for you. You can book an appointment by calling us at 1-855-886-8472 or online at
      Regards, Muga

  2. Magdalena Duszak

    Hi we are trying to emigrate to Canada from Uk
    Will you please send me as much information as possible
    Where to start?
    Thank you
    Magdalena Duszak


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