How to Renew a PR Card

Upon landing in Canada, permanent residents will receive a PR Card (or permanent residence card). This PR Card is used as an identity document when they enter and leave Canada.

Renewing a PR Card

PR cards are good for five years, and then they have to be renewed. If you know that your PR card is going to expire soon, it should be renewed as soon as possible using a PR Card renewal application.
This application will disclose information about your travel outside of Canada and your employment history, and help the immigration officer who is in charge of processing your application to determine if you meet residency obligations in Canada.
It can take several weeks to renew a PR Card, which is why it’s important that you apply for a PR Card renewal at least two months before your current PR Card expires.
Depending on your situation, you may be able to expedite the processing period for your PR Card.

PR Card renewal refused

If your PR Card renewal application is refused because you may not meet the residency requirements in Canada, you may be able to request an exemption under humanitarian and compassionate grounds.
Speak to one of our immigration lawyers today using the form on the right if you have concerns about being refused for a PR Card renewal, if you need assistance with a PR Card decision appeal, or if your PR Card is expiring soon.
For more information about renewing a PR Card, click here.

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