Deported From Canada? How to Return Legally

Can I Return when Deported From Canada?

When a person breaches the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, they can be deported from Canada. There are several ways one can be deported from Canada, including committing crimes or overstaying visas and being caught. Deported From Canada

The Canada Border Services Agency is responsible for removing people from Canada who have been issued a removal order.

There are three different kinds of removal orders:

Deportation order: If a deportation is issued, the person is banned from Canada permanently. If someone is deported from Canada, they are not allowed to come back to Canada unless they have written permission from the Canada Border Services Agency.

Exclusion order: An exclusion order prevents someone from coming back to Canada within one year – but if the exclusion order was issued because of misrepresentation that time limit is increased to two years.

Departure order: If a departure order is issued, a person must leave Canada within 30 days.

However, removal orders can be appealed to prevent or delay someone being deported from Canada.

Appealing removal orders may be the only way to prevent being deported from Canada – but you cannot wait. When someone is facing deportation from Canada, time is the enemy and you should contact an immigration professional immediately.

But if you are removed from Canada, there are options.

You can apply for an Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC). An ARC is an application made to the Canadian Embassy in your region that, if approved, will allow you to return to Canada despite your deportation order. ARCs are not easy to get and you need compelling reasons to get approved. They can take many months for processing.

The best strategy is to not get deported in the first place. If you are facing removal you should act fast before its too late.

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285 Responses to “Deported From Canada? How to Return Legally”

  1. Nadia says:

    Hi Michael,

    I have a friend who was deported to India due to criminal activity. He regrets the decisions that he has made, and is prepared to reform himself, as right now he is living alone in India, he has no family there and no support system. He is going into depression because of his circumstances, and does not know how to even handle the situation as he had lived in Canada for most of his life. His parents and brother are here, they have hired a lawyer but are not finding anyway to bring him back. Money is no issue, they are prepared to hire the best legal team that money can buy. However I want to know if that is any use. Have you heard of cases like this before? In your experience is there any loophole or any way for him to return? Any advice would be greatly appreciated as this is a desperate situation.

    - Nadia

    • owen says:

      Hello Nadia,

      Thanks for the question. We would need to obtain an Authorization to Return in order for your friend to return to Canada. This is a complex process, but our team of experienced immigration lawyers have handled many successful cases in the past. We would be happy to help your friend return to Canada, and once you fill out our free online assessment form, one of our immigration professionals will be in touch with you shortly


  2. Ot says:

    I am international student in Canada and i want to apply for Provincial nominee for myself and common law partner which lives in my home country. However i didn’t claim to be in a common law relationship while i was applying for student visa for entry to Canada the first time because id dint understand the meaning but have since being in this relationship for 6 years. D o you think this might affect our chances of being nominated?


    • owen says:

      Hello Ot,

      You could attempt to contact the CIC and inform them of this oversight, and they may modify your application accordingly. If you require any assistance with this, please let us know and we would be glad to help.


  3. Lili says:

    Hi. I came to Canada in 2010 as a refugee. After two years i got a rejected answer so i applied for the federal court. From there i got rejected as well. Now im doing the monthly reporting. I just wanna know if i can apply for the H&C or is there any chance to stay in Canada? Thank you for your answer

    • owen says:

      Hello Lili,

      Yes, this is a possibility, but you will need a skilled team of immigration lawyers in order to ensure that your case is successful. We would be happy to help you immigrate, and once you fill out our free online assessment form, one of our immigration professionals will be in touch with you shortly


  4. FC says:


    I was born in Canada, but my dad was a diplomat at the time so I’m not considered Canadian. He was stationed there until I was 3 and then to various other countries thereafter. At 16, after being stationed in the US for 8 years, he was appointed elsewhere. I guess my parents thought they were making the best decision for my future (not to make excuses) and decided that my mom and I should go to Canada instead since I was born there. Long story short, my mom and I went to Canada, where we stayed for six years, during which I attended school. I was unaware of what was going on for a long since I was a minor when we went and my parents did not speak to us about these things. I had no reason to think I was not Canadian since I was born there. We ended up applying for permanent residence with the help of an immigration adviser and it was denied on the basis of overstaying a visa and studying without a student permit. We were removed and I received an excludion order, which expired recently. I’m in the process of applying for graduate schools and I would like to apply to a school in Canada, but I realize that my chances of obtaining a student visa are slim. I guess it comes down to convincing the agent that I won’t overstay my visa. I have no intentions of doing so and I would have never done so if it had been up to me at the time.

    Have you ever heard of any cases like this? Do you think I have a chance of ever obtaining a student visa?

    I would really appreciate the advice. t.

    • owen says:


      Thanks for the question. This type of case is not unheard of, and we can assist you in obtaining an Authorization to Return to Canada, and we will indeed need to convince the government that you will not overstay while on a Study Permit. We would be happy to help you come to Canada, and once you fill out our free online assessment form, one of our immigration professionals will be in touch with you shortly


  5. Jon Omar says:


    My wife arrived Canada on temporary PR on Nov 16th 2014 and on Jan 6th 2015 she called the police and accused me of Abuse and I was charged to Court. Finally the case was dismissed due false allegation. She’s not staying with me anymore and I have no contact of her whereabouts, she suppose to stay 2yrs a legally married but she left so early.. Can she be Deported?

    • owen says:

      Hello Jon,

      Deportation decisions are made by immigration judges, and it may be possible for her to be deported, but in order to say this with any confidence we would need to know more details about the case. It is also possible for her sponsorship to be withdrawn prior to final decisions made on any immigration application, and this may also lead to deportation in certain circumstances. Please let us know if you have any further questions.


  6. Emad Balkhair says:

    Dear Sir

    Kindly I want to add more to confirm about this point that if my first Visitor Visa that I’ve received from an embassy in Abu Dhabi, UAE ! but now I’m living in Saudi Arabia ! and I’ve sent it to you my last subject through this reply message that my case it’s deported and I need to recieve an ARC to return Hopefully ! my question is Will I contact the same embassy in UAE or embassy here in Saudi Arabia, Riyadh ?!

    Thanks in Advance !

  7. arif says:

    Hi i have refugee case reject 10 years ago i go back pakistan my own i have depure order issuee n i leave country withen 30 days did i go back canada again how n did i apply refugee case again did i

  8. hamza says:

    hi i m from pakistan and i wanna come in canada on visit visa 6months can i stay canada i want nationality

    • owen says:

      Hello Hamza,

      Thanks for the question. We can definitely help you obtain a TRV. They can be difficult to obtain, but our experienced immigration lawyers will help maximize your chances of coming to Canada.


  9. missing my home and newborn baby says:

    I was ordered deported to my home country of haiti in 2009. However due to unrest and polite difficulty I was allowed to remain in canada…In August 2013 I was contacted by the cbsa and was informed that I must leave the country at the time my wife was 7 months pregnant and our sponsorship application for permanent residency in canada has been sitting in the Canadian embassy in port Au prince I took my one 2 ay flight to Haiti. I must say that was the hardest thing I ever had to do. Kiss my 2 month old daughter good bye for god k own how long. I applied for a new 2 or permit and paid the fee for an arc as well as a temporary resident permit. I total I spent 750 at the Canadian embassy in santo domingo Rd I was told that my application was denied no real reason for the denial ever given to me…my wife came to Haiti I was told that what was missing from the processing of my application was the right of permanent residency fee medical report and police certification. I was able to provide all 9 those Before my wife went back to Canada we took another trip to the embassy asking if there was anything else we can do to expedite the process we were told the file was complete and to just wait for a call from the consulate. I had one of my cousins go to the 3 mass on my behalf he 2 as informed that I nneed to bring my passport and my son’s passport so that way I they can put the visas on the passport. When I came to the embassy in October I 2 as told that they never got my medical report and my police certificate needs renewed. It has been more than 6 weeks now since I submitted these documents….I need to know 2 hat are mu chances that I will be allowed to return home to the life that I have worked so hard for over 6 years to build?

    • owen says:


      I’m sorry to hear about your situation. We would be happy to help you come to and remain in Canada with your family, and our experienced immigration lawyers can provide you with personalized advice. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to setup a consultation at your earliest convenience.


  10. hesham says:

    hello there .
    i had departure order 15 yrs ago.
    what are the chances ..

  11. ramos sad says:

    iam a failed refugee claimant but i have valid visa can i obtain work permit

  12. Ranganathan says:

    I am from srilanka and i deported from singapore in 2006, will it create
    problems in skill immigration

    • owen says:


      Thanks for the question. Depending on what you were deported for, this could negatively impact your Canadian immigration application. It would be best if you get in contact with one of our experienced immigration lawyers who will maximize the chances of you being able to come to Canada.


  13. NN says:

    I am in highschool and recently learned that many years ago my parents got a deportation letter since we were signed as a refugee, even though we aren’t a refugee. I’m not very knowledge in these kinds of stuff, but I wish to stay in Canada or return when I leave as I’ve been here technically my whole life and I did not know that we were supposed to go back to Korea ( I was very very young at that time ), if I had known that I could possibly not be able to come back, I would have left during the time given to go back. I am stuck in a sticky situation where my education and possibly my future is at stake as I am going off to college or uni and If I am sent back to Korea, I will not be able to speak Korean very fluently as I lived here my whole life. So my question is, Is there a way to stay or return ? Is ARC my only option? And if so, what is the process of it and what I must do, as well as the possibility of me getting an ARC in my situation?

    Thank you

  14. Ekta Chopra says:

    Hi Sir,
    I m a refugee , unfortunately it was rejected & even my federal appeal was Dismissed. I m a Baby girl born in here, she is 14months old. but sadly i m a SIngle mom.
    I had made an application on H&C grounds on July .11. 2014. I recently got the information saying it was rejected.
    Her fathers comes n visits her weekends & now he came to know that i might got deported with my child sooner or later.
    He is asking for his rights to meet her daughter. I have the sole custody but he is the father. A child needs a mom & the fathers love. wht can be done. Cound u plz help me sir.

    • owen says:

      Hello Ekta,

      We can definitely help you with this, as we have a lot of experience handling cases like yours. We should get started soon as time is of the essence for you and your family. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any further questions.


  15. Hope says:

    I have a Canadian multiple visitor’s visa valid for another couple years. I had frequent visits recently and I’m currently in Canada. On my most recent visit I was given a visitor’s record case 10 restricting my stay for the period to 2 weeks and demanding I remit the visitor’s record to the immigration officer at the airport, upon departure. During interrogation at most recent point of entry, I stated that I have a Canadian fiance. I would like to stay longer than the two weeks period, to attend to some prescheduled extracurricular activities.
    1. What are the nearterm and future consequences of overstaying a Canadian Visitor’s Record case 10, if any? I’d appreciate your prompt, candid and formal (possibly with references to official Canada immigration policies). Thanks.

    • owen says:


      If you overstay your visa then you could be barred from re-entering Canada for a number of years. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any further questions.


  16. LARS says:


    • owen says:

      Hello Lars,

      Thanks for the question. There should be certain options available to you, and there’s always hope as long as there are still options. Our experienced immigration lawyers would be able to help you submit a strong case, and your situation does seem very complex so you would definitely benefit from our assistance. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any further questions.


  17. Rohan says:

    Hi Michael,

    My girl friend applied for the Canadian FSW program. Two weeks ago she got success, and received the immigrant (FSW) visa to immigrate to Canada within 10 months.

    However, we’re going to get marry in end of next month, and she wants me to come with her to go to Canada, but unfortunetly I am a previously deported ayslum seeker from Canada. I am well aware that I am inadmissble to Canada on that ground.

    Also I am aware that if I include myself into her file before she makes her initial admission (entry) to Canada as I know under the I.R.P.A. she automatically become an inadmissble person to Canada because of me,

    My question is what is the best option would be? Get marry and include myslef into her file and check my luck with ARC to immigrate to Canada with her same time as she make her first entry to Canada or else should we postpone our wedding and let herslef to immigrate to Canada to get PR status and return back to home and get our wedding, and sponsor me as her spouse?

    As I know most of the time CIC wouldn’t deny (actually couldn’t easily deny) Aplication for Return to Canada with spousul sponsorship applications if the intended immigrant isn’t a security risk, committed human or international rights violations, convicted of a crime or have committed an act outside Canada that would be a crime, ties to organized crime, and/or have serious health problem.

    I highly appreciate your view on this regard. Thanks!!

  18. Marcos says:

    My friend got denied political refugee status and asked to leave the country. He has both Cuban and Spaniard citizenships so he was asked to leave Canada and go to Spain. While he was in Canada, he met, fell in love and married a Canadian Citizen woman. He decided to go to the USA instead of Spain in order to make it easier for him and his wife to see each other a few times a year. Because he never showed up at the airport when he was supposed to meet with CBSA to get his papers and leave to Spain, an arrest warrant was issued. He then reported to CBSA (from the USA) that he had in fact left Canada, just not to Spain. Once on the USA, he applied for the Cuban Adjustment Law and a year after became an American Permanent Resident. He left Canada14 months ago and he would like to return in order to be together with his wife.
    Being married to a Canadian Citizen, is there any way that he can return to Canada?
    Thank you.

    • owen says:

      Hello Marcos,

      It may be possible for him to return to Canada, but since a Canadian arrest warrant was issued this is an extremely complicated situation and you should immediately contact us to set up a consultation with one of our experienced immigration lawyers in order to maximize your chances of success. Please don’t hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience.


  19. nicole says:


    My name is Nicole, I am 20 years old and am an Australian citizen. I will be studying in Canada as an exchange student beginning in January 2015. I applied for one year but was accepted for a semester only as my university only send students away a semester at a time. I was told however, that I could apply for the second semester while in Canada. As I do not know long I will actually be in Canada, I have only booked a one way flight from Australia to Canada. I am wondering, do you think this will this prevent me from actually entering Canada? I am concerned that border will see me as potentially trying to stay in Canada for other reasons seeing as I don’t have a flight booked back to Australia. I may also be travelling around Canada and America when I finish my semester/s in Canada so again, I have no idea of when I will be leaving.
    I need to return to Australia to complete my degree so I can bring this documentation as well as a bank statement showing I have enough to book a return flight, but will this be enough in your opinion?

    I look forward to your response,

    Thank you!

  20. annalie amarado says:

    hi michael,
    it means i was deported please i need help,sept 2012 left canada go back home n philippines and i tried re apply last january 2013 and i recrive refusal letter last april meaning if i got order to leave the country meaning i was deported.because we submit papers from coutts to the airport office n one person assist us to check in.Do i still have chance to go back Canada if i can get new LMO?im currently work in Singapore.please i need your advice i wish to go back jn Canada.waiting for ylur response thank you so much.

  21. annalie amarado says:

    hello michael,
    i work in calgary sept work permit was expirede june 15,2012 and but i stil continue working til sept 9 while
    waiting my new workpermit.but instead of workpermit i receive letter from immgration to leave because i dont have my legal work permit my employer drove us to the coutts boarder crossing hoping that with allour documentation and an approved LMO,that the CBSA would issue us a new work permit.Instead,The CSA order us to leave in the country.they give us some documents to submit it in immgration officer n thr airport and give us exact date to leave.and my vis that time was also expired.

  22. Norah says:

    Just a quick question if you have been removed and after that your husband sponsors you. It happens that you are called for an interview and you pass the interview and after you asked to do medical exams and they tells you the ARC is dealt within. Usually how long does the ARC take? Thanking you.

  23. Sarah says:


    My common law is facing deportation this month at the end.
    He is still married in the process of being divorced to his wife. He came here and overstayed, he was caught in a car with someone who did not have a licence and he was detained in detention centre. He then filed for refugee status. He got married and his wife did a spousal sponsorship. His refugee claim was denied, and his wife pulled his papers. I have been with him and living with him for a year. We filed for a PRA and the CBSA officer said that he acknowledged that his country has a very high crime rate due to drug trafficking however he was not considered a protected person. We went in the summer to CBSA and they told us that he will be deported, his deportation date is now the end of this month. Let me also add that he was charged with dangerous driving with a conditional discharge, he has 18 months of probation with a two year driver’s license suspension. He has completed his community hours and seminar. We consulted in an immigration Lawyer and he said we would be able to file a common law sponsorship when he left. My question is, does he have a chance to come back given the circumstance? Will he need to apply for a pardon in order to come here even though he has completed the requirements of his probation?

    Thank you

  24. IVONA says:


    i got the exclusion order on August,16, becouse they found me lying about general informations,what is my job in my country,how much money i earn,what am i going to do in Canada as tourist..
    so,my interviw is now on November 13,i want to make appeal if that’s possible,and i found an employer who is willing to make work permit for me.
    Is there any chance that they will allow me to stay here becouse that?
    Please Your advise.
    Thank You very much.

  25. Alex says:

    please help, my friend has been given a departure order, she has to leave by the end of the month, is there any way to keep this from happening? how long does she have to wait before she can come back? is it because she owns half a vet clinic? she has never broken the law, pays her taxes like every other Canadian, she also is a big part of the community and is heavily involved in our church, why would they make her leave? how can she come back and how soon? please help.

  26. Andrew says:

    Hello Michael,

    I’ve been studying in canada for two years and did a 6months internship on a COOP visa who ended in January. At the end of my internship the company gave me job offer but had to complete an LMO first (Labour Market Opinion), so i got an visitor visa to wait..
    The payment of the LMO never went through and I’ve been waiting for a very long time, in the meanwhile I went back home on holiday to see my parents (France) and I’ve been refused to re-enter canada when I got back at the Airport in Canada. I had to leave the same day but I’m allowed to return at anytime.
    My question is, I’m going to visit my girlfriend for 2 weeks and I have good a financial proof, but I’m scared that I wont be able to enter Canada because i’m unemployed in France and the company in Canada is still willing to hire me (to resend my LMO application). I just want to visit my girlfriend, it feels horrible to be in that situation! Your advice will be very helpful!

    Thanks !

  27. janet says:

    I would be really pleased if you could answer me…. My question is also in relation to this…. I have A canadian study visa, Im supposed to go to canada in january to start studies but plans changed and Im not going there anymore…. Can I use my visa for visiting purposes ?

  28. Jim says:

    Hi Michael,
    I applied for H&C and was denied. They told me to leave Canada on or before Nov. 10, 2014. My partner will sponsor me as a common law so I could stay. My question is: what is going to happen if I don’t leave Canada on Nov 10th? Are they going to come to my house and catch me to bring me back to my home country? It worries me so much. Your response is highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

  29. prinzy says:

    Hello mike, my brother has a 4yrs multiple entry student visa to canada, he’s been here for like 8months now..the problem is, he couldn’t go to the school this year due to some personal problems so he has decided to go next year.. And now he wants to go back home and come back again on january to go to the school.. Will they allow him into canada with just the 4yrs valid visa and the valid student work permit?

  30. arman says:

    I am not allowed to apply for PRRA now i m coming back to my country in 30 days.i also have a 10 year visa for america can i go to america after comming back.

  31. guyene says:

    I am from Nigeria and I am Two months pregnant, can it stops me from studying in Canada after I have been offered an acceptance, my admission will start in November 2014

  32. Anonymous says:

    Dear sir,
    I was a international student in canada in year 2012 But i did only one semester out of 6 from jan to apr , and came back to india after 6 more months. Before coming i didnt paid off the credit card and phone bills , but now im planning to go back to canada again to complete my studies. I just want to ask you if theres any problem or how much chances or rejection are. I will really appreciate your help


    • owen says:


      It’s hard to say whether this will be a problem, but it would probably be a good idea to ensure that you pay your bills now prior to attempting to enter Canada just to minimize the chance that you will be denied entry. Please let us know if you have further questions.


  33. Shaman says:


    Can i go to the US to visit my uncle if i had a negative PRRA decision in Canada a couple of months ago? I left the country at the time they said, i’ve got a paper called something like certificate of departure.

    Thank You!

  34. august says:

    hi I am international student and me and my girlfriend who is a Canadian are planing to get marriage within 3 weeks. So can I drop our my college for a year?

  35. Anonymous says:

    in 2008 my refugee claim was rejected after exhausting all options including reviews.
    My family and i were told to leave the country within a certain period or face deportation.we complied and left well before the given date.
    My youngest child is a canadian citzen and is ten years old.
    My question is if there is a way for my family to return to canada through proper immigration and secondly my eldest Would like to attend university in canada can he apply for a student visa? He was a minor when our claim was rejected.
    Your help will be greatly appreciated.

  36. Angel says:

    Can you help us pls. I am 5 months pregnant with my boyfriend. He is a Hungarian refugee and got deported . He went back to his country with his family on June 10, 2014. I want him to come back in Canada to see me giving birth and help me to take care with the baby. ( We did not know that i am already pregnant until JULY) . What can he do to come back here? Can he apply for Visitor Visa.? I really want him to see the baby when it comes out. He is 19 yrs of age and I am 20 yrs old.

    • owen says:

      Hello Angel,

      Since you indicated that your boyfriend was declined as a refugee, he may be eligible for some other immigration options depending on the details of his personal circumstances. Also, if he is the biological father of your child, that would be helpful in any of his future applications. Please fill out our free online assessment form and one of our immigration professionals will be in touch with you shortly


  37. amrik says:

    After getting supervisa do we have to land in canada immidiately or anytime?????????

  38. Arash says:

    Dear Michael,
    would you aplly for ARC regarding my case?
    i filled an assesment form here, I do really appreciate your assist.


  39. Raquel says:


    I’m Mexican I would like to know if you could clarify for me some immigration doubts. I would really appreciate it. I got an Exclusion Order in December last year, I was wondering if after 12 months have passed since I left Canada I can go back to Vancouver, I mean this December.

    My Visitor visa is good till 2016, getting an Exclusion Order doesn`t have any relationship to cancel a given visa given, Am I right? I read on the web side that after 12 months passed I don’t have to apply for ARC. I know that I am subject to normal examination at the port of entry, I just want to make sure I don´t need to get any paper or check a requirement before buy my tickets.

    I didn’t get any stamp on my passport, I mean saying it was cancelled. Can an immigration officer cancel my visa without give me any notification of that? Can I travel this December with the same visitor visa I used last year, as I mention before, it expiration date is June, 2016.

    I’m sorry for writing you, and I really hope you can take 5 min to reply me. Honestly I’m feeling lost now, thanks in advance.
    Best Regards!

    • owen says:

      Hello Raquel,

      Thank you for the question. If one year has passed since the exclusion order was issued and you have a Certificate of Departure showing the date you left Canada (to prove you were compliant with the exclusion order) then you don’t need an ARC. It may be more difficult to obtain visa’s considering the fact that you were issued an exclusion order, and we would be more than happy to advocate for you so that you can come back to Canada. Please let us know if you have any further questions.


  40. Arash says:

    I went to Canada 2000, and according to my Lawyer suggestion I withdraw my file and Imm. sent me deportation letter a month later. My lawyer told me your story was not enough strong they accept it thats why I did withdraw.
    in 2012, I got married with a Canadian citizen in my country.
    - now she wants to sponsor me, is there any problem for me to enter to Canada?

    Thank you

    • owen says:

      Hello Arash,

      Thank you for the question. Once you are deported, the only way to return to Canada is to get an Authorization to Return to Canada, and these can be very difficult to obtain. It would be highly advisable for you to speak with one of our experienced immigration lawyers in order to maximize your chances of being able to return to Canada. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions.


  41. Yuzzel says:

    Hello there! I have a question for you, your reply will be enormously appreciated. The situation is : I claimed refugee protection but I was ordered to leave on March 2010, I bought my ticket but at the end I did not leave and stayed illegally until I was caught and deported last year (2013). We got married in 2012, 1 year before I was deported. 2 months ago we started my sponsorship process and I just got the letter from CIC today, inviting us to continue with the sponsorship process, I know my ARC application will be dealt during my sponsorship application. The question is: If our relationship is geniune, and we’ve been in loved for almost 5 years?! How likely would it be for me to get Authoization to Return to Canada to be with my wife again?
    Thanks in advance

    • owen says:

      Hello Yuzzel,

      Thank you for the question. Obtaining an ARC is quite difficult, as the CIC will need a very compelling reason to allow you to return to Canada once you have already been deported, but there may be hope for you considering that the CIC invited you to continue with the sponsorship process. It would be highly advisable for you to speak with one of our immigration lawyers who will be able to maximize your chances of returning to Canada. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.


  42. Nisar.Ali says:

    Good day,
    I have girl-Friend came to Canada 9 months ago ” her husband responded here” new law in Canada you must stay over 2yrs in order to obtain PR, she haven’t stay with him
    my question is If her request got dined, are they going to order her to leave country ?
    and If I want to married her! and response her ” the imagination can refuse our application ?
    I just want to know that, so I can be honest with her so I wont got problem in future ?

    Thank you for your time

    • owen says:

      Hello Nisar,

      Thank you for the question. If your friend will be unable to maintain permanent residency status, there may still be options available to them (such as applying for PR based on humanitarian and compassionate grounds), however, these cases can often be extremely complex, and as such, you should speak with one of our experienced immigration lawyers in order to maximize the chances that your friend can remain in Canada. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any further questions.


  43. Tristan says:

    Hello, I’ve already talked to people about this and they told me that this could not happen. I told my mom that I wanted to try moving away with a few friends. I’m 18, almost 19 in November. I am a PR and have been for a few years. I think I became one during the year of 2011, I’m not sure. I know it wasn’t during the year of 2012. She threatening me saying that she is going to have me be deported from the country.? I’m not knowledgeable with these types of things. I was only 14 or 15 when I became a PR.

    • owen says:

      Hello Tristan,

      Thank you for the question. Generally, it is not possible to deport a PR simply because the person who sponsored them no longer supports the PR being in Canada. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


  44. Annie says:


    I came to Canada almost 9 years ago and married my husband while my visitor’s visa was still valid. We had every intention of going through the PR application status but then a number of financial hits made things incredibly difficult for us and my husband’s health became very bad. Now he is disabled, on ODSP and I have no way of working. We are barely making it and have no way of paying for the application. We have done extensive research and see nothing that we can do. We just can’t take it anymore. I need to work. There has to be something that we can do in our situation so that I can work and help with the finances. Obviously, we can’t afford lawyer fees either. Neither of us have much family and don’t know anybody we can borrow from. Any advice at all that you can offer would be appreciated more than you could ever know. Thank you.

    • owen says:

      Hello Annie,

      Thank you for the inquiry. I am sorry to hear of your situation. Do you currently have any legal status in Canada? If not, there may in fact be some options available to you, and we would be happy to advise you further. Please feel free to contact us anytime at (416) 410-7484 or Toll-free: 1-877-628-3448, and also feel free to fill out our online assessment form and one of our immigration professionals will be in touch with you shortly


  45. jon says:

    hi my father overstayed in Canada for almost 12 years and now he was caught by the immigration and he had 2 choices to go back here in our country or apply for a refugee. i just wanna ask if what can my father choose into those choices. i badly need an advice. thankyou

    • owen says:

      Hello Jon,

      Thank you for the question. There may be some viable legal options available for your father, but in order to properly advise you we would need more details about his current situation. Please feel free to fill out our online assessment form ( or email us at or Phone: (416) 410-7484 and one of our immigration professionals will be in touch with you shortly.


  46. Jessica says:


    My mother had a departure order 5 years ago. She is planning to pally for a visa this year. But she want to know if she is available to come back or she has to do something else before apply for the visa or enter the country again.

    • owen says:

      Hello Jessica,

      Thank you for the question. Your mother should apply for an Authorization to Return to Canada, prior to applying for any visa. This can be a complex and lengthy process, but our skilled immigration lawyers have helped many people return to Canada who have been previously deported. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any further questions.


  47. Mimi says:

    I have a removal order and lost my appeal, Can I have a student visa while I am physically in Canada, I am a student at Ottawa U

    • Donnell Kent says:

      Hello Mimi,

      Thank you for you post. If you have a removal order against you and you lost your appeal, it would be in your best interests to follow the removal order. After leaving Canada, there is a chance you can make an application for a Study Permit and a few other applications may be necessary as well. For us to have a better understanding of your situation, I strongly recommend that you visit, and fill out our free, online assessment. From there we can assess your situation, have a consultation with you and be able to provide you with all of your options.

  48. Gaurisa says:

    Hello Mr. Michael Niren

    My Name is N. Gaurisa. I was born in Germany. My mother and I migrated to Canada in 1999 as immigrants and my father joined us three years later. I studied in Quebec in French and by the time I graduated high school in 2008, we received the deportation letter. I should highlight the point that we haven’t given the proper details about us which is why we were informed to deportation to Sri Lanka. Because of the war held in that country and fear, we overstayed one year and before leaving we have apologized for not telling the truth and have told them all the truth about us as in where we come from and the relations living in Canada. But still we were deported to Sri Lanka in 2009 even though I have never been to Sri Lanka in my entire life. And since we did not have a choice we sadly agreed to it too after all the begging.
    Sir, all my relations are Canadian citizens including my maternal grandparents, my paternal grandparents, my mother’s sister and 3 brothers, and my father’s brother.
    Sri Lanka is a country I have never seen before. It is almost 5 years now, we do not have any community support here and I still wish to return to Canada, obtain permanent residence and live happily with my close relations. And I still have the college admission to Vanier College which I have received in 2008 to pursue my studies in Health Science.
    Sir, we were given wrong advises which led us to this situation without anyone for support.
    Since I was young at that time (I was 9 years old when I entered Canada), I wasn’t aware of what was going on.
    We have recently sent a letter to the Minister of Canadian citizenship & immigration, Mr. Chris Alexander, about this and we have gotten a reply from the Inquiry Division on behalf of the minister stating that ARC is required.
    In my case, is this possible to obtain the same by applying the PR? or is there any other way to return to Canada and apply for PR?
    One of my uncles lives in Toronto and if there is any way and with your permission, he could get an appointment and meet you with all paper details I will post him.
    Sir, my heart always tells me that my home is Canada. I want to study, we want to come back. All my maternal grandparents’ 17 grandchildren except me live in Canada. Can you please look into my case and provide guidance of the procedures. We need your legal assistance and fullest support. My life will be lost if I don’t return to Canada. Please help.

    • Sarah Jane MacDonald says:

      Hello Gaurisa,
      Thank you for the post, I am sorry to hear of your situation. We would be happy to help you with this. Please take a moment to fill out the Online Immigration Assessment Form, from there one of our qualified Canadian Immigration Lawyers can go over your information and contact you directly with a more detailed assessment of your situation. Once you have filled out the form you will receive a response within 24 hours.

      All the best to you and your family,
      Sarah Jane

  49. Manny says:

    My father was deported 31 years ago from canada when he was Indian Citizen, and 2 years ago when we went to Niagara falls from US as him as US citizen, they didn’t allow us to enter in CANDA because of he got deported, the officers said that it stays 30years in computer when someone get deported, Now My question is Should I apply for letter to ARC or re permission which cost around 400$ to visit To canada.

    Please suggest because as a student its expensive to afford that kind of fees.

    • Anna Gorovaya says:

      Dear Manny,
      Thank you for your post. We need to know what was the reason for your father’s deportation. There are different types of removal orders. You need to apply for an ARC for some of them, or you need to follow a certain procedures for others.

      As a rule, you need to apply for an ARC if you had a deportation order. However, you need to consult with an Immigration professional to outline all the details about your father’s case first.
      Please contact us for further details by filling out our assessment at

      Thank you!

  50. rajkumar says:

    Hi sir,
    in 2007 I applied for refugee statues in Montreal and it was rejected 2010
    than I never apply for federal court but I applied for humanitarian compound which was processing mean time according to family situation I went to immigration and wrote letter to voluntary return to my country and they allowed me to leaving 2011 and paid me flight charge and has given departure letter also.
    Now I want go back Canada and I want live that paradise till my life ,Please give the list of options for me

  51. Mike says:


    I have a very simple question from you, as i used to live in canada for about 11 years and i am canadian citizen, i lived in malaysia about 2 years and now its almost 3 years and i am planning to go to canada back, do i need to face any problems? i used to apply my tax files and receiving my kids benefits as well.

    Please advice.


    • Sarah Jane MacDonald says:

      Hello Mike,
      Without knowing your specific details I can only answer this question generally.
      As a Canadian Citizen you should have no trouble entering Canada. If you would like a more detailed assessment please fill out our online form and someone from our immigration team will contact you and answer your questions

      Sarah Jane

  52. Anonymous says:

    Hi Michael,
    I sponsored my husband to come to canada,and the papers get approved and he was able to come.But 1 and half month being in canada,it’s like we’re not couple,he always neglect me,that’s when I found out that he’s still cheating on me,so I left him coz I couldn’t take it anymore,I complaint to immigration,I provided them some proof,messages and pictures as evidence and got handled right away by CBSA officer,last year his cousin told me,that he told his family that his gonna be deported,but I guess he made an appeal,and last week I received a claim for divorce,my question is,is there gonna be a connection between CBSA on going investigation and me accepting the divorce,maybe my husband thinks if we get divorced we’re not related anymore,I can’t do anything and the case will just go away.Hope you can please give me advice,thank you.


    • Sarah Jane MacDonald says:

      Hello MsConfuse,

      I am very sorry to hear of your experience. It is good that you reported your separation to the CBSA, it is always important to let them know of any changes in a sponsorship situation. As far as your divorce goes, I recommend that you seek the advice of a Family Lawyer to give you appropriate legal advice in this case. If you are divorced from your husband you will not be legally ‘related’ to him however, the record of your marriage and subsequent sponsorship will not just ‘go away’

      If you have more questions for our immigration lawyers, please feel free to fill out the Online Assessment Form, that way someone from our team will review your specific details and contact you within 24 hours.

      All the best,
      Sarah Jane

  53. Niraj says:

    Hi Michael
    I came to Canada in 2008 on work visa and got married here with Canadian. She sponsored me for the permanent resident but we got divorced before the application approved and she withdrew her sponsorship. In my believe, she intended to kick me out of Canada, and let me suffer hardship as punishment. We have a child here and in her custody. After I receive the decision from the cic that the application was not approved, I claimed for refugee protection and denied. I applied PRRA and denied as well. I applied for permanent residency again under a H&C and denied as well. As I go through the “reasons for decision” I found my lawyer didn’t submit the documents that I have provided him or they were lost in the processing centre. Senior Immigration officer didn’t see the proof that I am paying child care cost and he didn’t also find the documents that I have owned the house. Now I am under a deportation order since 2 months. My application to the federal court for judicial review has been dismissed few days ago. Is there anything we can make some change in the scenario? Am I allowed to apply again under H&C while no status is maintained? How much possibility is there to get approved in this condition specifically when there is no job either? I am not ready to leave my son live somewhere else, can you please help me out? Thanking you in advance and looking forward to hear back from you soon.

    • Sarah Jane MacDonald says:

      Hello Niraj,
      I am sorry to hear about your situation. I have forwarded your name and email address to one of our experienced immigration lawyers. You will be hearing from them soon.

      All the best,
      Sarah Jane

  54. Anonymous says:

    Hi Michael,
    can I apply inland Canadian PR under Humanitarian
    grounds while there is already deportation order against me.

  55. Anonymous says:

    You can’t open your refugee claim that
    was rejected in 2004. If you are in Canada,
    you will likely not be able to make a
    second claim but you may be eligible to
    apply for Canadian PR under Humanitarian
    grounds or other means. You should
    consult with a lawyer to discuss your case.
    If you wish you can complete our
    immigration online assessment

    Thank you so much for the reply.
    can I still apply Humanitarian grounds even my deportation order was issued in my absence from Canada?
    if yes,then a stay will be granted against that deportation order?
    Kindly,tell me in detail.

  56. hunny says:

    Hi Michael,
    I wantt to know that how long CIC and RCMP keep failed refugee claimant’s fingerprints in their records.

    • Hello Hunny

      That is classified information I believe. I do not know the answer to that. You could submit an Access to Information Request and attempt to find out.

  57. Anonymous says:

    I had applied a refugee claim in 2002 which was rejected in 2004.I left Canada in thattsame year without notifying the Canadian Immigration.
    I need to know that can I reopen my clain again or can I make another claim while in Canada.
    NOTE: I have a valid USA visit visa.and come to Canadian border for for my refugee claim.

    • Hello
      You can’t open your refugee claim that was rejected in 2004. If you are in Canada, you will likely not be able to make a second claim but you may be eligible to apply for Canadian PR under Humanitarian grounds or other means. You should consult with a lawyer to discuss your case. If you wish you can complete our immigration online assessment

  58. Jess says:


    I have a question! May2012 I had a voluntary departure. I left canada right the way. But this year I would like to come bak to visit a friend that just had a baby boy. Can I apply for a visitor visa? Thanks

  59. Pasha Rana says:

    I am 27 years old married man from Pakistan, I have lived in toronto on a student visa for almost 5 years and i was deported from canada coz my refugee case was rejected, After i made it back home, my wife came to my country and we got married,
    It has been over 2 years since we are married but have not filed paper work for immigration.
    We dont talk anymore and possibly heading for divorce soon,
    My question is is there any way i can go back to canada, I am into financial crisis and dont have big money to pay. and i dont think so my wife is going to help me with paper work,
    My life has become a living hell since i am back here, there are no jobs life,, no power for almost 12-16 hours a day.
    ..What are the options out there for me,
    DO u think i should write a letter to immigration n explain my situation and get help?
    i want to go back there and work n support my family.

    thanks in advance for reply and suggestions.

  60. drag0n89 says:

    So Mr Michael, what do you think what are the chances for my application to be approved thru conjugal partnership sponsorship giving the fact that my wife and I were already married before. Would that make the things atleast a bit easier?

    Thanks one more time

    • Being married before-hand, if it’s a genuine marriage, will make the case stronger as a spousal sponsorship. But since you were married before and there is an immigration history this is a difficult case. We can help

  61. drag0n89 says:

    Hallo Mr. Michael,

    I would be thankful if you could answer me one question. I came to Canada in Sep 2009 and claimed a refugee status as my lawyer told me that this is the only way to stay in Canada (ofcourse there were many other ways to stay but at that time I didn’t know about them). In 2011 I was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol in Toronto and I was deported from Canada because of that conviction in March 2013. For the time that I lived in Canada I met my wife and we got married but at that time she wasn’t a Canadian Permanent Resident neither. She was applying for permanent residency over Live-in-Caregiver Program and she also included me as a spouse in her application. After I was deported I was afraid that my deportation will have a negative impact on her permanent residency application and then we got divorced in 2013. Couple of months after our divorce she got the permanent residency status and she now wants to sponsor me to come back to Canada. In order to come back I need to get a Record Suspension from RCMP and apply for an ARC ….. so my question would be, do you think that I would be able to get an ARC to go and marry (re-marry) my wife in Canada, because getting married in my country is quite complicated process if you are marring a foreign citizen or could I apply for permanent residency from my home country without marring her, thru a conjugal relationship sponsorship …. and what would be the chances to get the sponsorship approved this way? Or getting married outside Canada and than applying for an ARC and Permanent Residency is adviced. Please tell me you opinion.

    Thanks in advance for your answer. Regards

    • Hello drag0n89

      Thank you for your question. I think it will be VERY difficult for you to get an ARC, come to Canada and then get married in Canada. You will have to either marry her overseas and then apply for an ARC or apply under, as you suggested, the conjugal category. This is a complicated case given your immigration history. See professional representation for this one.

  62. Ramadan Dia says:


    My brother has lived in Canada since 1984, so 30 years, he lives in Alberta. His status in Canada is still landed immigrant. He never applied for citizenship due to his criminal record over the years and his illiteracy. He had multiple convictions, He arrived to Canada when he was 15 years old, no parents and no advice on life, he got into drugs and many other serious issues. He is not physiologically fit. My concern is this. Ramadan has been absent from his home country (Lebanon for more than 30 years), He has only been back once when he was in his 20′s for a 2 week visit. He has no ties in Lebanon all his family is here. (Ex-wife, mother, brothers). So if he goes back to an unstable country with no services that would help some one, he will not survive life there. As he does not know anything about that country. Does the government or the court look at these factors in their case of deporting some one that has lived here all their life? Please let me know thank you in advance and i appreciate the time taken.

    • Sarah Jane MacDonald says:

      Hello Ramadan,
      Due to the serious nature of your inquiry, I passed it on to one of our experienced consultants on the Canadian Immigration team. You will be contact at the email address that you have provided.

      Best of luck to you and your brother,

      Sarah Jane

  63. jagdeep singh says:

    i did a refugee case in canada in 2003 and got denied than i married a girl in canada in april 2007 but i got orders of deportation in august 2007 and my wife was not ready to sponsor from india as she was columbian unfortunately i crossed the border and entered into usa . i applied asylum in usa and got approved now i am green card holder since 2010 can i come back to canada for a visit

    • Hello Jagdeep,

      There are possibility for you to get a visitor visa to Canada. However, before to apply we need to review your deportation order documents issued back in 2007 and see if we have to apply for ARC.

  64. Arifa says:

    I applied for ARC in October 2011 and on November 2013 I got a email from trp-inquiry where they asked for my, my son’s, and my daughter’s FBI report, $700 fee and proofs of my living. I send everything in before the due date. I still did not get any response. Does this mean they will approve my application?

    • Sarah Jane MacDonald says:

      It is difficult to answer your question without some further information. Please fill out our Online Assessment Form and include all your details. You will receive a response from one of our experienced US immigration consultants within 24 hours.

      Sarah Jane

  65. Rida says:

    Hello sir,
    I was 10 years old when me and my family was deported from Canada to the USA and now we are American Citizens. I really wanna go back to Canada and visit all my familys there. Do I need to apply for a ARC or can I just go back? Because I was under 18 and don’t even know what happen and when why and how we were deported?

  66. Juanita says:

    I lived in Canada (Quebec) from 2004 to 2007, I applied for refugee protection and it was denied. I got a departure order and I left the country when I was ordered to. Now I want to go back under the skilled worker program, but I don’t know if I may have trouble with my application. Can you help me?

    • Hello Juanita,

      If you left the country voluntarily you will not need to apply for an authorization to return Canada application and if your FSW application prepared professionally you should not have any problems. To make sure if you need ARC or not I would encourage you to contact us and have the full situation assessed and get the right advice.

  67. Jim says:

    Please help me with my situation!
    My family came to Canada in 2000 with USA visa that last us 1 year and ever since that my mom was too scared to file for the immigration. In 2006 she finally applied for H&C but we got rejected alot of time even if we fight for it over and over again so we finally did voluntary departure this year. I know it’s been only short time but I can’t stand my home country! I was raised and only know canada through my whole life thats why I want to go back to Canada either through visitor or any kind of visa that is legal. What should I do? Do I need ARC? Please help me and thank you for your time.

    • Sonia Grewal says:

      Hello Jim,

      Thank you for your question. I can understand your desire to return to the country that you know and love. I suggest that you go to our website at and complete an assessment form. We will call you to book a consultation with you and an immigration practitioner. You will then be able to discuss in details your situation and possible options available to you.

  68. Sandy says:

    Please help me with my situation!
    My family came to Canada in 2000 with USA visa that last us 1 year and ever since that my mom was too scared to file for the immigration. In 2006 she finally applied for H&C but we got rejected alot of time even if we fight for it over and over again so we finally did voluntary departure this year. I know it’s been only short time but I can’t stand my home country! I was raised and only know canada through my whole life thats why I want to go back to Canada either through visitor or any kind of visa that is legal. What should I do? Do I need ARC? Please help me and thank you for your time.

  69. adam says:


    I was deported from canada 2009 because i was in prison 9 months and never got convicted of drugs trafficking or murder none of it i want to come back to canada i got like simple assault and some other charges how long do i have to wait to apply to come back and what i need from applications step by step if you can tell me it would be helpful

    • Sonia Grewal says:

      Hello Adam,

      Thank you for question.

      Individuals can be inadmissible to Canada due to criminal charges and/or convictions, however, there are various options available to get over that inadmissibility. We would need assess your credentials and advise you on the best option(s) available to you. I highly suggest that you complete an assessment form at for us to advise you more thoroughly about your potential options.

  70. Hari says:

    Hello Michael Niren ,
    This is Hari, I file refuse claim 1998 in Canada, which was refused in 2000 then I came USA without notify to Canadian immigration(14 yrs ago). I must be on deportation, Then I across the USA Canada border to USA without inspection, live in few years in USA waiting for immigration reform.then I leave USA 6years ago family situation. In 2006 my brother file family visa. Which is in NVC.when I file refusee claim in Canada, I used my name for exp: Ram Patel hanta ,But In USA I use my name Ram Patel .On first my Passport and all education document , birth certificate Ram Patel as well. When we file any case in Canada, they asking for family name. So my agent wrote family name. But In USA my surname is Patel. when I file DS230 form ,USA immigration asking for are you used any other name or aliases. I am not declare, I claim Refusee case in Canada,USA IMMIGRATION ASKING FOR LAST 10 YRS History. Is USA immigration and Canada immigrant sharing information. Now
    I am confused. No criminal history in any country. What can I do. Waiting your response.

    • Sonia Grewal says:

      Hello Hari,

      Thank you for your question.

      It is always important to always disclose all facts to any immigration body. You should have disclosed the name you used in Canada in the application you submitted to immigration in the USA. If you have not done so or if you require further clarification, I highly suggest you contact our office and book a consultation with our US immigration team and they will be able to guide you through fixing any issues with your pending application.

      Thank you.

  71. maya says:

    Hi! Me, my husband and my child came in Canada like a refuuge. Now I am pregnant and I will birth baby here in Alberta now on May. Do we have any rights on hearing because baby will born here. If they refused us can we come back imediatly because my husband get an LMO (skill level c) in company where he work now.
    Thank you!!

    • Hello Maya

      Congratulations on your pregnancy! Unfortunately, having a child born in Canada does not give you any rights to stay in Canada. However there are various options depending on your situation. You can complete our online assessment form and we will get back to you
      Good Luck!

  72. Sophie says:

    My husband was deported from canada 2 weeks after we got married, his refugee claim was declined. i sponsored him the last paper work they asked for was his IRB decision and reason, he has already provided all other information, do you know wht the process after this would be

    • Hello Sophie

      Your husband will likely require an Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC) to get back as part of your sponsorship application. ARCs are hard to get and can delay the process. It is best to start preparing for an ARC right away so you can submit it to the Embassy. If you need help you can go to our website

  73. mario says:

    hi i just wondering if i have the oportunity to back to canada i was under a refuge claim but it was denied,so i pay for my own ticket did everything that the officer says i was working in winnipeg in the construction so my company they want to hire me, they sent already the application for the MLO my concernt is how easy is gonna be the process if i have to do the ARC because i have all the papers that the CBSA officer gave to me and he says that i dont need an ARC and i have the CERTIFICATE OF DEPARTURE i will be appreciate all the information or wich is the best way to do this tanks

    • Hi Mario

      Since you had a refused refugee claim you would likely have to apply for an ARC. Refused refugee claims result in deemed deportation orders so unlikely you could avoid applying for an ARC

  74. sam says:

    Hi there! i have an inquiries. I met my bf here in canada but he was married then. he came here as a dependent immigrant. he got married a month before they left canada. after 8 years of staying here he was order to leave canada for misrepresentation he did not inform the boarder officer of change of status. when he was in phil i sent him money. now he’s in the USA he got divorce there and we got married in las vegas last oct. my question will it be hard to sponsor him.

    • Hello Sam
      Since he was charged for misrepresentation and ordered to leave Canada, he will have to apply for an Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC) in addition to being sponsored. ARCs can delay the case and they have to be prepared properly

  75. Jesus says:


    I applied for refugee and it was rejected so eventually I was deported to my country, Now I live in USA really close to the border and I want to go to Canada for vacation, what can I do to get a tourist visa?


    • Hello Jesus
      You can apply for a tourist visa to Canada but since you were deported you will also have to apply for an Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC) as well.

  76. Enrique says:


    I applied for refugee and it was rejected so eventually I was deported to my country, Now I live in USA really close to the border and I want to go to Canada for vacation, what can I do to get a tourist visa?

    • Hello Enrique

      Since you got a deportation order you can’t enter Canada as a tourist until you apply and get approved for an Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC). ARCs are hard to get and will delay your visa. You have to make a strong case to succeed

  77. Javier says:

    hello my family and i were deported from canada in 2011 because our immigration officer thought that our country was not dangerous i was wondering if we had an option to return to canada because in reality our lives are in danger here it has been 2 years since we moved and my wife and i don’t have a job our kids aren’t able to get an education because it is very expensive but if we were to move back we would have jobs and my kids would be able to study please let me know if we still have a little but of hope

    • Hello Javier

      I am sorry about your situation. You can re apply to return to Canada but you would likely have to apply for a temporary resident visa (TRV) and since you were deported you would also have to apply for an Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC). ARCs are not easy to obtain. You should consider seeking legal assistance.

  78. Charles says:

    Hi Michael and thanks for your previews answer, know my concern is about what elements can a person shows to the immigration officer at the embassy to demonstrate that this person has strong attachments to his original country in order to apply for an ARC and a TRP as worker?

  79. Hunny says:

    Dear Sir,
    I had applied a refugee claim in 2002 which was rejected in 2004.I left Canada in thattsame year without notifying the Canadian Immigration.
    I need to know that can I reopen my clain again or can I make another claim while in Canada.

    • Hi Hunny

      You can’t reopen your refugee claim. If it was rejected and you left Canada, you were deemed deported. This means if you wish to return to Canada, you can apply for an Application to Return to Canada (ARC). ARCs are not easy to get and you should contact a lawyer for assistance. Best

  80. Jack says:

    Hi Michael!
    I have a couple of important questions! I have been suspended from University for one year since September. I renewed my student visa before september by not telling them that I have been suspended.and I’m going back to school in May. Now I’m in Canada traveling. Do you think immigration officer will find out my status in Canada (by talking to my university?)and issue me a departure order/exclusion order or anything like that? and if yes, how would they issue me this kind of thing?by mailing? calling?

    Thank you!


    • Hello Jack

      By not telling immigration that you got suspended when applying for you may be making a material misrepresentation which could result in a Bar from Canada. Whether Canada Immigration will “find out” I do not know. There is a way to handle this case properly without misrepresenting your case. I would suggest getting professional immigration assistance with this one in order to avoid removal issues

  81. Danny says:

    Hi there I have a situation I would like some advise with if you can please. I moved to US in 1987 and received my permanent resident card as soon as I arrived at the airport in US. Now I’ve lived in New York trouble free till 2008. In 2001 I met my common law Canadian partner online so I decided to meet her and I went to B.C Canada to visit her for one week.
    We hit it off right away and we had great time togheter. After the week I returned back to New York but I made couple of more visits to Canada in the coming months. My common law partner notified me in 2002 that she was pregnant so I quit my job in NY and travelers back to Canada to be with her and help her out as she wasn’t doing to great financially at the time. So I used to stay 6 months and then go back across border to the US so I don’t overstal cause I was aware I’m only allowed to stay no longer than 6 months. I practically raised my daughter while my common law partner was trying to work.
    I did this all the way to 2008 and this strained my personal financial situation as I wasn’t working anywhere. In 2008 do to being severely depressed I committed a minow criminal offense and was required by local RCMP detachment to surrender my European passport as I still didn’t have a US passport yet and I did as required and was released on my own recognazence and was released. I attended court and was given a year probation and told one probation was over I would not have a criminal record and it will be expunged. But now the loss of my passport forced me to overstay and and tried getting another passport but without success. Was told that in order to get another passport from my birth country I would need to go there in person to submit byometric info. In I believe 2009 I got arrested by CBSA and kept in jail overnight. They decided to let me go the next that with the condition that I don’t leave Canada and I had to report by phone to them every week.
    They issued me a order of removal I think and told me to apply for refugee claim while I’m waiting to be processed or whatever it was. The claim wass denied of course and I kept my end of the bargain by making weekly calls to them. They all so took all my existing US identifications from when I was released from jail and this caused all my identifications to expire including my green card. So I got served a removal order in January of 2014 and left on my own expense. It was the most painful moment in my life as I had to say goodbye to my common law partner and my now 11 year old daughter which I love more than anything in this world. At the Blaine border crossing I was told to report at the US port of entry and to make matters worst I had no valid passport or valid US identification and all I had was expired green card and social security card.
    By some miracle I got thought the border and let go so I can go back to my moms place in NY. My mom and 2 brother and sister are all US citizens and I was told I’m free to go home but I will have to speak to Us Imigration judge and he will decide wethger I will have my US status taken from me and possibly face deportation to my birth country. As I’m waiting for my court date to arrive in mail I came across this blog and basically wanted to see if you could give me any kind of advice on how I can get back to my Canadian family if I can at all as this now has Caused great strain on my Canadian family not to mention now my common law partner has to do my chores as well which were me taking and picking up daughter from school and cooking for her and various other things and also go to work. She can’t afford day care as money ius just not there and she can’t afford it. I don’t work right now as I’m waiting for my Cort date. Also I didn’t mention that at the Canadian/US border I was given a temporary green card and work permit.
    Is there any advice you can give me and I was told that I’m not likely to get deported from US as I don’t have any criminal history. Thank you and god bless!

    • Hello Danny
      That is quite the story. I am sorry about your ordeal. What you can consider is having your Canadian partner sponsor you back to Canada but you will have to apply for an Application to Return to Canada (ARC) since you have been deported and a criminal history. You have a very complicated case that will require legal representation and it could take over a year to be re-united with your partner. In terms of your US situation, again you need legal representation. But there is hope!

  82. Anna says:

    Can i sponsor my common- law partner reciving odsp ?
    He is in canada and we have a baby together .

    • Hello Anna

      This may be possible but as a couple you have to qualify under the common law sponsorship category. For more information go
      Basically you have to have lived together for at least one year prior to applying among other requirements.

  83. Mike says:


    I have two friends, we attend the same university. One of them is a Canadian who started a company on campus and the other is an international student who volunteered in the start up company. My international student friend applied for a work permit and inform the immigration officer that he was volunteering in his friends start up company on campus. However, there is a restriction on his study permit that prohibits him from engaging in work without authorization. when the decision for the work permit came out, the immigration officer advised my friend that he has been working without authorization, that some volunteering work can be considered as full time work.The immigration officer advised my friend that he has breached the condition on his study permit and for this reason that his file has been sent to the ministers delegate who will call him and interview him and if he is found guilty, the minister delegate will issue a removal order. the immigration officer also sent a departure form to my friend that he can leave willingly before being called by the minister delegate. My friend appealed the decision but the federal court dismissed the appeal n advise him to wait to be called by the minister delegate. My friend called the Immigration office and ask them about his status in Canada. His study permit expires on May 31st, 2014 and the immigration officer he spoke with told him that he’s a legal immigrant who is eligible to stay in Canada till his study permits expires. The immigration representative he spoke with also told him that no removal order has been issued for him. My friend hasnt received any message from the minister delegate as at now and he is so confused about the whole thing. He also needs to renew his study permit by next month and he doesnt know what to do. Could you please advise him on what to do?

    • Hi Mike
      Your friend has a complicated immigration problem. Just because he volunteered for an organization without pay does not mean what he did was not “work” as defined in Canadian immigration law. It is always a question on fact. We would have to investigate this further. You mentioned that your friend went to the Federal court and his appeal was dismissed? If she I assume he would be given a removal order but you are telling me none was issued. Again we would have to look at this situation more carefully. He can contact us and we can have a consultation with him


  84. Anna says:

    Hello my name is anna and i have a really important question can you please help me.
    My common-law partner is here in canada as a refugee (his still waiting for his interview ) his under ontario disability support program and so am i . We have a one year old baby together and i would like to sponsor him can i do that? How long would it take for him to get the PR card i heard im our case it will take up to one year is this true?
    We’ve been together for more than 4 years .
    Can you please write me back i would apriciate it
    Thank you .

    • Hello Anna
      Thank you for your post. If you are both in Canada, you can file an in-land sponsorship application. However, if your application is not approved before the outcome of his Refugee claim, he could be subject to removal. There are ways to deal with this situation if it arises but you should be aware of it. Filing a sponsorship application does not guarantee status during the processing. For a case like this we recommend legal representation.
      Michael Niren

  85. sheila says:

    I lost my status in canada can my boyfriend help to sponsorship me as his common law partner?

    • Hello Sheila

      If your status was lost, and if you are married, common law or in a conjugal relationship, you could be sponsored. For a Common law application you have to prove you lived with him for at least one year prior to your application.
      Michael Niren

  86. Nickprotected says:

    How I can return to CIC the money they pay for my returning travel ticket, as I have not the rigth reasons to apply for IRP yet. But I am not sure I should wait so much to pay?

    • Hi Nickprotected

      Are you taking about your removal proceedings? Trying to pay CBSA your travel ticket? You have to attend at CBSA office and arrange for that. Do you have a travel itinerary? You should present that and get a receipt for proof of payment

  87. Charles says:

    I was a refuge claimer in Vancouver and my case was denied, so I had to come back to my country in 2012 within the time they gave me. I bought my flying ticket and now a company in Calgary wants to hire me. They have a positive LMO and they are recruiting workers. My concern is if there are any chance for me to get back to Canada with a working visa. I know that I have to apply for the ARC but I would like to know the possibilities that I have to expect. Thanks, any help will be appreciated.

    • Hello Charles
      Yes you have to apply for an ARC along with your work visa if you got a positive LMO. ARCs are not easy to get but are possible. You have to make a strong case to show that despite that you had an immigration history in Canada, you intend to work only and on a temporary basis. This won’t be an easy case but not impossible. Get help with this one
      Michael Niren

  88. Rene says:

    Hello michael!
    I overstayed my visa back in 2011 and i was sending back to my country so they gave me a certificate of departure and I lost it so i dont know what kind of removal order they issued.
    My question is how do i know the type of removal they issued for me?
    Best regards
    Thank you!

    • Hello Rene
      Thank you for your question.
      If you received a departure certificate it is likely that you do NOT have deportation order against you. And since this happened back in 2011, if you apply for a TRV back to Canada you may be ok provided you prepare your application properly. Of course we would have to look into this case in more detail to be sure. You can complete our online immigration assessment form and we will get back to you.
      Michael Niren

  89. cat says:

    Regards! Michael N
    we want to come to canada on visa. could some one can apply for refugee status arrived on visa?

    • Hello Cat

      If you arrive in Canada, you can make a refugee claim at the port of entry. In order to do this you have to state your intention to make a refugee claim clearly to an officer and they will process your paperwork.


  90. Housam says:

    HI please answer me. I m canadian my wife came to canada as a refugee from the usa her case was denied. My question is what do they do with her in the usa if she is deported there? Do you they let her in ? Can she apply for asylum in the usa ?
    I cant sponsor her now bcz of the 5 years bar.

    • Hello Housam

      If your relative was denied asylum in Canada and taken back to the USA, the US authorities could detain and remove her to her home country. It is unlikely she can apply for asylum in the US once she made a claim in Canada. If you are Canadian you can sponsor her but she will also have to apply for an Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC).


  91. John says:

    Hello Michael.
    Sorry if my question is kinda off topic. I have quite an interesting situation here. A year ago I applied for a work permit, which was eventually approved and I provided all the information in the application regarding my previous employment except one job that I was not lucky to get the reference from. Now that employer is willing to give me that reference which might be crucial for my future job here in Canada. So can I alter my resume for my next application to CIC adding the job that I didn’t mention before and provide the reference. Or it’s better not to, to avoid inconsistencies which may raise an issue?

    • Hello John
      The “rule of thumb” is to always be truthful with the information you provide in your application. If there are inconsistencies that are not material (not that important) then generally it should not be a major issue. Based on the information you provided, this seems to be the case. But to be sure, it is best to consult a lawyer.

  92. kim says:

    hi I just want to find out some information I was asked to leave Canada in march 2012 after a failed refugee claim I was asked to come in on the 19 for a removal date which was the 29 march for both my son and I would like to return to Canada for a visit and do some shopping for my newly open business how u I go about returning

    • Hello Kim
      Since you were a failed refugee claimant, you will have to apply for an Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC). ARCs are not easy to get. You have to demonstrate why you are deserving to visit Canada despite your immigration history. There is a lot of paperwork for ARCs and they can take a number of months to process.

  93. steve says:

    i left Canada last year 2013 to see my sick mom after living there since 2006, I had a criminal conviction of indictment in 2008 and had one year house arrest and 1 year probation, but can not apply for pardon till 2020 due to the new pardon law. I then applied for a temporary resident permit to enable me return because my wife is a permanent resident and I have 2 daughters who are both Canadian by birth but was told t apply for a trv instead and explain my criminal incidence and why I shd be allowed back in canada. I was told there was a deportation order against me already which I never knew about when I was in Canada and that If my application is approved, I will need to apply for an ARC but it was not approved.

    please What can I do now cos I cant apply for a pardon till 2020

    • Hello Steve
      Yes it seems that you would have to apply for an ARC. ARCs are not easy to get. I would strongly advise you to consider hiring an immigration law firm for this. Our Canadian visa department handles ARCs and other removal issues. If you need help, let us know

  94. naya says:

    I have a friend who claimed asylum in Canada couple of years ago.she now has two Canadian sons and a baby on the just wondering should her case fail will she be deported? and how does that work because her two children and hopefully the one on the way are Canadian by birth right.

    • Hello Naya

      Even though your friend has Canadian children if her Refugee case is refused, she still could be removed from Canada. It may be wise to consider applying for permanent residence on Humanitarian Grounds as officers have to consider the best interests of the children before a person is removed. This is a common situation and there are cases where parents are removed who have Canadian children. Best Michael

  95. Sam says:


    I am a due to renew my PR in a few months but i lost my old passport and my new passport only covers the last 2 years. my wife and kids live in Canada (my wife is PR whil my kids are canadians by birth). While I truthfully satisfied the residence requirement, I am worried my case will be complicated since I lost my old passport and I do not have much to prove except my kids school and my house lease (I am sefl emoplyed with little income).

    Can they reject my PR card despite that my wife and little kids are in canada? what do they do if i am not able to find the old passport?

    • Hello Sam

      I am sorry that you lost your passport. I assume you did not make copies of it which could be used as proof of your residency. In a case like yours I would prepare an Affidavit and other supporting documents showing that you met the residency requirements. It is possible that your PR Card Renewal could be refused. If this happens you can appeal it. But note PR cards are for travel. If you don’t have a PR card that does not mean you are not a Permanent Resident of Canada. In any case, I would seek legal assistance for this case. Best Michael

  96. zola says:


    My uncle is here since 2010, he had a refugee denied 6 months ago thsn the federal court did the same thing, we went to day to meet with a CBSA agent who gave him 30 days to leave the country and he agreed that they pay his ticket to leave so they booked him a flight after 30 days. After we left the office he explained to me that he will not leave the country and he explained that he signed the documents just to avoid to be arresteed! My questions are:

    Does this affect me in person if I was the one to invited him to canada

    Is he does not leave the country after 30 days will be put under an arrest Warren, if they get him will be treated as criminal

    Is there a way that I can help him to stay legal? ?

    Thank you

    • Hello Zola

      Thank you for your question. Your uncle must comply with the CBSA requirements and then likely he will not be detained. If he wants to stay, then he has to apply for an urgent Stay of Removal to the Federal Court without delay. If this is done, there is a possibility he can stay in Canada if the hearing is successful. Michael

  97. Manuel says:


    I have a bachelor degree in computer science, I applied for refugee in 2002 and it was denied, eventually we received a deportation order in 2006. One of my kids was born in Canada. So in 2006 we went back to Mexico because of the deportation order. We couldn’t stay in Mexico because we were afraid for our lives, In 2008 we moved to USA under a TN Visa, then in 2011 I got an H1B visa, I’m still working in USA with the H1B visa, I already started the green card process. However we want to go Canada as tourist and I’m aware we need to apply to ARC and it is difficult to get the ARC, Do you think we have a good case to get the ARC based in our case? Do think is to possible for us to get the ARC?

    Thank you

    Best Regards

  98. mary says:

    Hello that’s me mary again .. just wanted to mention that we came to canada from united state after we were not accpeted in the usa as refugees but then we were ordered to leave canada on a due date back to the us and we did .

    • Hello Mary

      You could apply under the FSW category but since you were deported in the past, you may have to apply for an Application to Return to Canada (ARC) in addition. This is an added complication but can likely be managed given your background circumstances. It is recommended that you get professional assistance. Best
      Michael Niren

  99. mary says:

    My parents and I came to canada when I was 14 years ooldand left canada when I was 17 years old because we were not accpeted as refugees .. we went back to usa then to our home country where I got married there .. now am 23 years and my husband and I want to apply for parpermanent resident application under Federal skill worker .. now my question is .. since I was deported when I was a minor can I still apply to come back to canada with him or not ..

  100. Josephine says:

    I have a question if u are deported in canada and u are refugee can they can back to canada

    • Hello Jospehine

      Thank you for your question. Generally, if you are deported from Canada, you can’t return back to Canada unless you get special permission. You will have to apply for an Authorization to Return to Canada after deportation or an ARC. ARCs are not easy to get. A strong case has to be made before you will be admitted. ARCs are filed at the Canadian Embassy and can take a number of months to process.
      I hope that helped

  101. andy says:

    Can you plese explain what “ extempt country” means

    • Hello Andy

      A county that is not visa-exempt means that nationals of that county require a visa to come to Canada. Eg. India, Pakistan and China. For countries like the UK or the USA, people can come to Canada as visitors without a visitor visa (TRV). Hope that clarifies this for you.

  102. andy says:

    Is it possible to return on a student/work permit after a departure order

    • Hello Andy

      Generally yes it is. However, depending upon what country you are from, it may be more difficult. If you are from an NON-visa exempt country you will have to apply for a Temporary Resident Visa and you have to disclose your immigration history. If you are from a visa-exempt county, you should not have as much difficulty generally but this is always on a case by case basis. Best Michael

  103. Dana says:

    Hi I have a quuestion my friends family was issued a deportation order but they stayed in Canada illegally, they are now back in their country but she wants to go back to Canada, during all this process she was a minor so some people told her she can go back easier since she was a minor, she aswell wants to apply for a visitors visa, what are her chances in getting that and her chances of going back to Canada ?

    Thank you

    • Hi Dana

      Thank you for your question.
      If your relative wants to return to Canada after being deported as a minor that is possible. However, she will still have to apply for an ARC to come back. Yes it may help that it was not her fault that she was deported but she still has to go though the proper process to get back.

  104. Jack T says:

    Hi Michael,

    I already applied under FSW form CHC, ND and I paid the requested fees for ARC along with the explanation letter. They requested for my passports and RPRF and in CAIPS it appears that the officer has recommended the supervisor for positive ARC. Actually I was misled by an agent and who is suspended and I gave explanation with all evidences on the web and with the link of the warrant issued by Toronto Police for the agent.

    My question is, if an officer considered my case for positive determination of ARC and since he recommended the same to the Supervisor, what are the chances of getting positive ARC and how long supervisor will take to make a decision? As per CAIPS these comments were already made 10 weeks ago from now.

    Please reply me.

    • Hello Jack T

      Seems like you have been though a lot. If your ARC application has been recommended to be approved as you state, then you should have a very good chance of getting it approved. Usually the supervisor will defer to his or her officer so as not to “fetter discretion”. Good Luck!

  105. sam says:


    My parents have visit visa until 2013 Nov , they apply refugee 2012 april and going to withdraw soon before the hearing date planing to leave with in 30 days. I want to sponser them in 2014 Jan . is that possible do and do I have to apply ARC at the same time . pls let me know any restrictions for the refugee for the sponsership in Jan 2014.

    Can I apply for the suppervisa or mutiple visa at the same time ??

    Ur reply is much appreciate..Thanks

    • Hi Sam

      Your parents situation is complicated. YOu can have them withdraw their refugee claim and you can sponsor them but there are issues given their immigration history. A Super visa can be considered but that is not PR of course.

      You can contact us or another law firm for help with this one!

  106. kelly says:

    what diseases are included that may caused a person to be deported ?

  107. Marie says:


    My boyfriend was given an exlusion order when he came to visit this month bc he overstaid the last time he was in Canada. In the mean time he had applied for a working program with a job offer (he”s from Belgium) and he just got accepted. When he applies for the working permit, does he still have to apply for the ARC or can he just pay de 400$ fee?

    Thank you for your help

  108. Lucy says:

    Hi there
    i wanted to know what options are available. for my brother to return to Canada. he was deported back in 2007 his case wasn’t accpted as a refugee and he did work and Canada , had a steady job and never had any Criminal records while he was in canada. it’s been 6 years now and i was wondering if i could sponsor him , if that’s not possible, can my mom sponsor my brother she’s 65 and has retired now. my brother was studying while he was in canada and got some education certificates online for computer technician.. i just would like to know what are the odds of bringing him back to Canada

    • Hello Lucy

      Thank you for your question. You could not sponsor your brother because siblings can’t sponsor each other to Canada. However, depending on his age, your mother may be able to. There could be other ways for him to come to Canada but because he was deported, he would require an Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC) regardless of what visa he applies for.
      You should contact a lawyer for help on this one.


  109. Moe says:


    i have been charged was one count of assault and i was found guilty and the outcome of it was SUSPENDED SENTENCE with one year probation, i am a perment residance in canada so my qeastion is will i lose my PR ???

    • Hi Moe

      If your office is a pure summary conviction offence you should be ok. However, it depends on the nature of the offence in question. You can consult with a lawyer for this case who will examine your case in more detail to make sure.

  110. Canada23 says:

    I came to canada with my boyfriend in 2010 and we claimed as gay refugees and we were rejected and we applied for the federal court and it was dismissed. How can i stop my deportation order??? Any chance to stay in canada?

    • Hello Canada23

      You will have to apply for a Stay of Deportation to the Federal Court and may consider filing a Humanitarian and Compassionate application. It depends on your circumstances. You would have to act very fast however. You would have to hire a law firm that handles these kind of cases as well. Our firm does and we are based in Toronto but can help you regardless of where you reside.

      Michael Niren

  111. Aboobakkar says:

    My refugee claims were refused but I came to India on AVRR pilot program on April 2013 can I possible to get visa for return to Canada?

    • Hello Aboobakkar

      If you have a refused refugee claim you may have to apply for an Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC) to get back to Canada. ARCs are difficult to get so you need a compelling reason to come. Usually they are applied with a sponsorship or other immigration application.

  112. Malik says:

    I am in need please help me. In 2011 august I came back to my country voluntarily within due time as given by CBSA to leave Canada after exclusion order of 1 year. I was on study visa and doing Masters in Regina I got caught for working without work permit it was just my 2nd day at work. Moreover my winter semester grad was 84 %. Anyways its history now. I hired a lawyer but he coudn’t save me at final hearing and exclusion order was issued to me which I complied with by leaving Canada and obtaining Certificate of Departure.
    At that time I was on self funding admission but now I got funded admission in a Canadian university for Masters (Full scholarship). And I applied study visa again on that funded admission for fall entry 2013. Moreover, one year time penalty for Exclusion order was over as of august 2012 but problem is at that time my ex study visa got expired

    Kindly tell me my chances now as I have full scholarship. Because I have heard if you have fully funded scholarship from Canadian university then Visa chances are high. Looking forward to hear from expert soon. Thank You.

    • Hello Malik

      Thank you for sharing your case. It is a complicated one. If you had an Exclusion Order, geting a new visa now will be difficult. You have to make a VERY strong case to show that there will be no issues should be be admitted to Canada. A fully documented case must be made in your case.

  113. anakh kaur says:

    i claimed for refugee status in montreal in 2004 and was refused. praa. humanterin too. and was order to leave canada i bought my own ticket and came back to india in 2007 may. can i apply for visa again. is there any chance for a visa.
    thank you

    • Hello Anakh

      You could apply for a visa to return to Canada after you are removed but you would also have to apply for an Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC) which is hard to get unless you show a compelling need to return to Canada and that you will not break any immigration rules upon your return. This is not easy. But depends on the case. You should retain the services of an immigration lawyer for this case.


  114. Angel says:

    hello my name is Angel, and I have been deported from Canada because of my criminal history,.aggravated assault being the question is can I ever come back to Canada? I am putting in for a pardon and am hiring a much better lawyer,because that’s what I have been advised to do.i have family in Canada and they are all citizens.please respond me asap.thanks.

    • Hello Angel

      In order for you to return to Canada you would need to apply for an Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC). A good lawyer could assist you with this case. I assume your charges were in Canada in which case you would also need a Pardon.
      Michael Niren

  115. Hi All. Just to let you know that we are now accepting online appointment bookings. This means that you if wish to speak with us about your case, you can book an appointment securely online.

    Just go to

    Michael Niren

  116. Jose perez says:

    I gonna be deport froom canada, what can i do?

  117. Khalid says:

    My friend was deported from Canada and inadmissible in Canada for one year. He had illegally entered Canada from USA. He had legal status in USA at the time on entry in Canada. His Canadian wife had sponsored him under family to immigrate to Canada.
    He still has a visa to go to USA. I have two questions.
    Can he enter USA from his country and remain in USA without any problems until his visa is valid?
    Can his wife re-sponsor him for family immigration in Canada?

    • Hello Khalid

      Assuming your friend has a valid visa and no inadmissibility issues, mostly likely he could enter the US. He wife may be able to re-sponsor him but may have to apply for an Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC) as part of the application due to his previous immigration history. A complicated case.


  118. Simone says:

    Here is the story…was eligible for pardon back in 2012 February, and as my application was about to be mailed off then boom the new Bill C10 came in where it changes everything…added another 5years to the wait…my question is I was deported to Jamaica and my wife and kids are there in Canada…is it possible for me to visit my family there…pardon is underway with pardons Canada…but the new bill c10 affected everything and my process for being sponsored right now is put on hold…what options do I have? Please I really miss my family.

    • Hello Simone

      Thanks for the question. Bill C10 did make things more difficult. You can apply for a TRV if you also apply for a Application to Return to Canada (ARC) with the application. These are often complicated cases. I would suggest seeking legal assistance for this one.

  119. sam says:

    My partner was deported in july 2012 because of bridging his conditions when he was on it. He was a permenant resident. Is there anyway of him entering Canada or he has to wait 10 years and get a pardon. FYI -I am not a Canadian only a permanent resident.

    Thank you

  120. tasha luv says:

    hi Michael

    i lived in Canada for five years. was deported after a failed refugee claim. i left Canada since 2010 and my husband stayed backed. he’s now back home as well. Now we would like to return to CANADA BADLY. I Had a PR application under the skilled worker since I’m a nurse and was working as a nurse in Canada. this application to date has not been approved but i did get the ARC approved. My question is what other routes can i take to return to Canada legally since i have written and passed the exam as a nurse in Canada. i thank you for your response.

    • Hello Tasha

      Thanks for the question. If neither of you are PRs in Canada, the Skilled Worker route may be best but you will have to wait until April to find out what the criteria is. Or if you have a job offer, you may qualify for a work visa.

      Michael Niren

  121. Kaspah says:


    i came to Canada with some friends from SLU (my home country) in 2008, my friends returned home but i wanted to stay and so i did,, i met some great friends here and developed a family bound. They even allowed me to stay @ their house as long as i wanted. They’re all Canadian citizens, and want me to be the same so i don’t have to go back. i’ve lived in Canada for almost 5 years now under their care, but i wanna start a better life here, i like it here. Since i’ve overstayed, i wanna know what are the best options for me at this point? also , if i do get married will it help so that i don’t have to go back home..? I’m really frustrated and tired of locking myself away in fear that i will get caught!!!!

    Thanks much

    • Hello Kaspah

      Thank you for your question. You may be eligible under the Humanitarian and Compassionate (H&C) Category given that you have made a life for yourself in Canada. Your situation is indeed precarious so I would seek legal assistance right away. If you get married you have to do so for genuine reasons not for immigration purposes. Being sponsored by a Canadian citizen can help your case but we have successfully processed many H&Cs for single people.


  122. ANNE says:

    Mi fiance is inadmissible to Canada. He was here illegally for two days before being deported back to the US. Problem is we are expecting a child in June 2013. Is there any way he will be able to be here for the birth of our child. If so what route do we take.

    • Hello Anne
      Thank you for question. Your Fiance may need an ARC to return to Canada. Not sure it can me done on time for the birth. An urgent case for sure. I assume you are Canadian. You could sponsor him with an ARC but this will take time beyond June.


  123. MJ says:


    I have a friend who is required to leave the country in exactly 2 weeks but she has a 5 years old daughter who is a born canadian citizen. She would ik to leave her daughter in my care while she’s gone. Is this possible? The child is my godchild as well and I want the best for her but how would we go about this situation the proper and legal way?

    Thank you

  124. Bam says:


    I entered Canada in 2006 while I was a minor (17 years old) with my parents with student visa and my parents decided to apply as refugees. We lived there for about 5 years and had to go back to our home country as we were rejected as refugees in 2011. We didn’t extend our stay, we left the country and bought I our own plane tickets. I’m 23 years old now and living in NZ (NZ is not my home country) legally as a student. I’m thinking to return to Canada and apply with student visa. Is there any way for this to be possible? If there is, then do I need to get an ARC? I would argue that I applied as a minor at the time under my parents.

    • Hello Bam
      Even if you were a minor it would be a good idea to apply for an ARC as you have an immigration history even if under your parents. And yes you would make that argument.

      Michael Niren

  125. Diau says:

    Thank you Michael to answer my question.
    Our situation is:
    my wife came to Canada as a refuggee in a jounior age with her parents… after some years… almost 7 years… their refugees status got rejected… and they need to deport within 2 months….
    I have married my wife last year at August… I’ve submitted the application of inland sponsorship for my wife… we are still waiting for the approval…
    Now, she is deporting… in what way I can keep my wife in Canada to wait for the approval of the sponsorship?
    Our marriage is genuine… we met at church… dated for some years… married under the oath of church… we are living happily as a young couple… we both have jobs… we don’t want to part…
    please advice us…
    many thanks…

    • Hello Diau

      Is you wife in Canada? If your application for sponsorship is in process, you may have to file a Stay of Removal to prevent her deportation. It really depends on the case. If she already was removed you can bring her back with the sponsorship application by applying for an ARC with the application.

      You may want to get an immigration lawyer to assist with this one.

  126. Roshan says:

    I am a failed refugee claimant and deported from Canada on May 2010, but originally CBSA ask me to leave from the country on August 2009. After my departure from Canada I have studied and obtain a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management degree, and currently I am in the process of obtain a Post Graduate Diploma in Management as well, and on top of that I have gained valuable work experience too. So when I am calculating the points applicable to me under the new Federal Skill visa scheme it shows that I have enough points to apply for the Federal skilled immigrant visa scheme. My concern is if I apply for an immigrant visa under the federal skilled immigrant visa program, will CIC approve my ARC application?

    • Hello Roshan

      You will indeed have to apply for an ARC with your SW application. I do not know if CIC will approve it. You have to make a case for approval and it is up to them to decide if your case is strong enough. For people who have an immigration history and were deported in the past, it’s best to seek professional assistance.
      Michael Niren

  127. tali says:

    helo to you i wfor as in canada for 5 years i have to canadian kids i have deportaiton order the immigraiton refuse my huminatarion and p r a and refuge apllycaiton in Oct30/2011 we left canada i am from israel my kids has canadian passports can i apply to canada does we need promisson to enter to canada thank u

    • Hello Tall

      Thank you for your post. If you were deported from Canada, then you can apply to return to Canada though an Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC). ARCs are hard to get so it’s best to have another application accompanying it.

  128. Diau says:

    my wife is a rejected refugee, and i am applying sponsorship, in what way she can stay in canada until our sponsorship got approved?

    • Hello Daiu
      You can apply to have your wife come to Canada though a Sponsorship Application but since she was rejected as a refugee, Canada immigration may also refuse the sponsorship if they believe that the marriage is not genuine and that she is only using the sponsorship application as a means of getting to Canada. You therefore have to make sure you have a very strong application.

  129. Nilan says:

    Hi Michael,

    I was failed refugee claimant and deported from Canada on May 2010. (Departure order became a deportation order) However, since after I came to home country I have acquired necessary skills such as Bachelors degree in Management and few steps away from completing my Post graduate diploma in Management. On top of that I have gain valuable work experiences as well. When I am calculating the points applicable to me under the new Skilled worker visa scheme I have necessary points to apply for the Federal Skilled Visa scheme. My concern is will CIC grant me an ARC when they are taking consideration of my current skills, and eligibility to apply for the Federal Skilled immigrant visa?

    I don’t have any criminality record in Canada and it mentioned in the Certificate of Departure as well, but they have wrote A36.

    Please kindly tell me possibility of CIC approving my ARC and chance of coming back to Canada.

    • Hello Nilan

      You can apply for an ARC in this case but it’s hard to predict if your case will be approved. ARCs are difficult cases usually. Seek professional assistance

  130. Haniye mohammadizadeh says:

    sorry the date was on june 10 2000

  131. Haniye says:

    I was deported from toronto on June 10 2010 due to the fact that my mother did not work legally in canada for 6 months. She was on disability and we had health insurance and i attended school. I was under 18 and my brother passed away there ,he is burried there. My brother passed away the day my mother got a job but due to the situation was not able to continue. I have been working in Iran as a english Pre-school teacher for the past ten years, I support my mother and I am lost! We lived in Canada for about 11 years, please is there any way I can apply to return to canada? Canada is truely the only place I can call home since i spent most of my youth there. I dont have a criminal record and have never been arrested in canada or any other place , please can u help me in any way to return? thanks a million.

    • Hello Hanlye

      Thank you for your question.

      You may be able to qualify for Canadian immigration if you fit into one of the categories. You may also have to apply for an Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC) given your deportation in 2010. The big challenge here is to have you qualify for Canada immigration in the first place. You should get a professional assessment for this.

  132. farhan says:

    my freinds wife an american green card holder come vancouver canada she made a mistake and claim as refugee from somalia she didnot tel them she have americn green card they find out that she isn’t honest with them and she have green card she is deported to canada how do she join her husband who is canadian .

    • Hello Farhan

      Your friend’s wife will have to apply for an ARC to return to Canada. If her husband is a PR or Canadian he can sponsor her but she will still need an ARC.

  133. Oktay says:

    Hi there

    I was refugee in Canada , I get negatif answer from immigration
    And I did apply for revew my case and I get negatif answer

    Than I get deported from Canada however I left Canada the time they ask

    I would like to return Canada but I am not sure if I need to apply for ARC

    If you can help me for that matter


    • Hello Oktay

      Yes if you wish to come back to Canada after being deported you would need an ARC. But in most cases, ARCs are applied with another application like a Permanent Resident application. If you just wish to come to Canada as a visitor, you may have a hard time getting an ARC

  134. shurvon says:

    i recently applied for refugee which was turned down, now i have a denature or removal order against me. i am married to a Canadian born girl and i have a valid work permit but it looks like the order will be enforced soon. we applied for sponsorship recently but no answer yet.

    how do i fight the removal?
    if i cant fight it how do i return to my wife in canada?
    will my application be denied?

    • Hello Shurvon

      Thank you for your question.

      This is a serious situation and you should get legal assistance as soon as possible. Our firm and other firms could help with fighting your removal from Canada.

      Michael Niren

  135. ano says:

    Hi Micheal,

    I was deported from canada (refegee demand rejected) and I returned in New York few days after. Before I was a student in Canada (Master degree). I still have a valid study permis. I applied for Visa and now I am waiting. My question: Do you know the average delay (in New York) Of The ARC. Thanks

    • Hello Ano
      ARC applications can take many many months to process. And since you have an immigration history as a refugee that will make it much harder for your application to be approved. Many ARCs are applied with a permanent resident application eg. where there is a sponsor. If you are just applying to study in Canada, it will be difficult for an approval in this case.

  136. vanessa says:

    hi , my name is vanessa and im 24 years old , my family and i went to canada in 2001 and we were deported from canada on the 29 of december 2011. i have 2 canadian born children and iam not married nor in a relationship with my childrens father … i know that i have to request permission to re enter canada but what im not sure about is if after i enter canada if i can apply for permanent residency on my own … my childrens father really wants to see his children as he hasnt een them in a little over 1 year because they came with me to live in the acores portugal .. he can not travel as he was recently diagnosed with anxiety and can not travel by plane .. so i was wondering if i apply for the permission to retun and get accept how long does that allow me to stay in canada .. i want to be able to bring my children to see their father but im scared i wont be allowed to stay for too long and being a single mother its going to be hard paying all that money for flight tickets and not being able to stay too long please i need advice , thank you
    sincerly; vanessa

    • Hello Vanessa

      If I understand you here, you were deported from Canada with your family and wish to return. If you do not have a relationship with your child’s father (who is Canadian) you may have a difficult time getting back to Canada. If you do have a relationship, depending what it is, he may be able to sponsor you and you can apply for an ARC (Authorization to Return to Canada). Applying for Canadian PR on your own is difficult unless you have a lot of education and speak very good English or French and have high level work experience. Your best bet it is to be sponsored to Canada.

  137. Luís says:

    hi,i am a portuguese citizen and i was in canada in the 80s i was not legal and i had a problem with a couple of girls they were in prostitution and livin in my house for 1 week then they told the cops they gave me the money,that was a lie but i was claimed guilty and spent 2 months and a half in prison then the court asked me if i wanted to do time or come back to portugal,i came back to portugal and paid 5000 dollar this happened in 91,now i wanna go to canada to work and i have a canadian daughter in burlington,but i wanna know first if i can go without any problem,in purpose it happened in toronto,thanks for your attention sir.

    • Hello Luis

      Thank you for your question. If you have been deported from Canada, you can only return if you apply for an Application to Return to Canada (ARC). Usually an ARC is also with another application such as a sponsorship application for example. You can apply for an ARC at your Canadian Embassy in your country. The application can take a number of months to process and is not easy. If it is approved, you can return.

      Best of Luck

  138. raj says: boyfriend has came to Canada from the uk becz of his first marriage and now they are facing sum problemz and theres a case against him in court and his wife has canceled his sponsor so when he get sentence in two weeks it will most likely be 2 months in jail and when he get out he will be deported back to the uk. I want to know after he goes to uk and gets his divorce from his first wife will I be able to sponsor him back to Canada, I am Canadian citizen. is there anyway that I can sponsor him.

    please mail back thank you

    • Hello Raj

      You cannot sponsor your boyfriend unless you are in a Common Law relationship, married or a conjugal partner. Other than that he could apply for a TRV to Canada but if he has a criminal record that could cause further complications. Not an easy situation here

  139. casey says:

    if you are deported because someone failed to submit your papers and took your money can you return with a study permit to attend school because it was one of your goals before deportation

    • Hello Casey

      No one is deported because papers are not submitted alone. If your status was illegal then you could be subject to deportation and you would need a special permit to return to Canada.

  140. zaza says:

    hi we were deported from canada 3 months ago i guess its also called departure order. anyways we were refugee as a family bıt they accepted two of my brothers applications but not ours(mine, moms and dads). i really want to go back to Canada because i grew up over there. so is there anychance we can go back to Canada and have our family united again?

    • Hello Zaza

      Thank you for your email. I am sorry about your deportation to Canada. If you had a departure order but not a deportation order you may be able to apply to come back to Canada. If not, you would need an authorization to return to Canada (ARC). I hope that helps

  141. Memo says:

    Thank you so much for your answers :D

  142. Memo says:

    So what you are saying is I need to apply for an ARC before doing anything?

  143. Memo says:

    Me and my family went to Canada when I was 13, when i was 17 we had to go back to our country because we were not accepted , we were refugees. I am now 18 and i would like to know if i would be able to get my visa to go to Canada to visit some friend and my girlfriend on summer. And i would like to know if having the us visa would help? something else i wanted to know is if i would want to live in Canada again what would i need to do i know if i get married my girlfriend could sponsor me we are engaged and we have been sent”s before i left. i have had friend that were deported then got married and returned to Canada but we want to get married but more into the future not yet, and she is older then me she is 20. What could i do to try to go back to Canada and apply would it affect me that i was there already ?

    • Hello Memo

      Thank you for your question. If you were deported from Canada before you can return if you apply for an Application to Return to Canada (ARC) even if you are sponsored.

  144. Maria theresa cuevas says:

    I am marrying a canadian citizen i am a PR but his first marriage got voided and his wife got deported but still using his surname in facebook to let people know that she is still carrying the name . She is married before she married my bf now and with a child fake her status.. Question: is it safe for me to marry my bf now coz he filed banckruptcy.. If we do joint accounts , am i safe? Am i not get affected about my rating or what he had for his banckruptcy due to his ex wife? What can i do to let this girl know that she is not allowed to use his surname anymore? Im a filipina and ex cheater wife is a filipina deported due to crimes not paying bills and false status.. Hope to have ur reply thru my email ..Greatly appreciated.

    • Hello Maria

      Thank you for your question. This is a complicated case! If your fiance is bankrupt that could negatively effect the sponsorship application and if there is a prior immigration application that could as well. In terms of getting married, that is a family law question not an immigration question. You will have to ask a Family Lawyer. But from an immigration sponsorship perspective, there will be issues. We can help with this but we would have to learn more about your situation first.


  145. joy says:

    my friend’s boyfriend was deported 2years ago.he was here as refugee.he went missing for almost a year but returned to my friend when she is about to received her permanent residency.he then asked her to marry him so she can sponsor him back here.can he come back thru spousal sponsorship considering he has been deported as a refugee?he didnot go back to his home country, albania, but settled in US not sure what is his status there.

    thank you!

    • Hello Joy

      Thank you for your question. Your friend could possibility sponsor him but because he was deported he would likely need an Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC) approved before he is admitted. ARC applications can be complicated so it is important that she contact a lawyer to assist with this one. Good Luck !

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