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Can I Get a US Green Card Through a Job?

A Green card holder is a permanent resident of the United States, who is legally entitled to live and work in the country permanently. While not yet United States citizens, they can become eligible to apply for Citizenship as permanent residents. Getting a US Green Card Through a Job There are several different ways someone […]

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Can I Get a US Green Card Through Work?

The United States green card is a highly sought-after document that allows the holder to live and work in the United States wherever they please. Permanent residents (green card holders) are not American citizens, although they can become citizens. How to Obtain an US Green Card There are many ways to obtain a United States […]

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United States propose Green Cards for international students in certain programs

A group of United States senators have unveiled a plan to grant United States green cards to foreign students who complete postgraduate degrees in either engineering, math or science at an American University. The bill is expected to be a huge bonus for Indian students, who are obtaining student visas in record numbers in those […]

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US Green Card approved for Canadian happy family

Hi Laura and Fadi. Myself and Shawn both just wanted to thank you guys from the bottom of our hearts for helping bring our family together when we so need it the most. We’ve been separated on and off due to our paperwork, since we met and fell in love in may 2011 and are […]

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US Green Card for Canadians

Canadians have the advantage of having a relatively easy time entering the US. I say “relatively” because of course there are always cases where US Customs and Border Protection deny Canadians entry to the US for many reasons including criminality, lack of ties etc. But generally speaking if you, as a Canadian, wish to visit […]

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How to sponsor family to the USA

Did you know that if you are a United States citizen or green card holder (lawful permanent resident of the United States), they can sponsor you or their other family members to the US? Spousal Sponsorship in the USA In order to sponsor someone to the United States, the sponsor must be either a United […]

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Life On the West Coast: Immigrating to California

With the eighth-largest economy in the world, the state of California enjoys economic prosperity that other states (to say nothing of entire nations) would envy.  Immigration into California has been streamlined given the state’s proximity to Mexico as well as the large number of immigrants who cross the Pacific Ocean each year in order to […]

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Canadian Pin-Up Model Bettina May Obtains US Green Card Through O-1 Visa

Canadian pin-up model Bettina May has been making headlines for earning the first United States green card under an O-1 visa for burlesque. It takes a very select group of people to qualify for the O-1 visa and eventually secure a United States green card. Not only do you have to have a special talent, […]

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Expedited services for citizenship preparation and naturalization application

The United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is allocating an estimated amount of $5 million in funding for its program that aims at promoting top-level services for citizenship preparation and  naturalization application. The availability of the Citizenship and Integration Grant Program widens the range of services in the communities across the country in addressing […]

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US Officials Denied Permanent Residence Applicant with Gang Tattoos

As part of his application for US permanent residence, native Mexican Hector Villalobos traveled back to Mexico from Colorado to attend to his visa interview with a US immigration officer. In order to complete his application process, he needed to stay for a few months in his home country. Officer refused the tattooed guy Seven […]

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