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Central American Illegal-Immigrant Children Face Deportation

In recent months, the United States’ southern border has seen a wave of tens of thousands of women and children migrating from Central American crime and violence. Illegal-Immigrant Children Face Deportation Beneath that load, American border officials have been utterly overwhelmed. Earlier this summer, the U.S. government sent the first of many planes bearing immigrants […]

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US Customs and Border Protection Announces I-94 Automation

The United States Customs and Border Protection Service has announced that it will be automating the process of the I-94 form, which is the record of Arrival/Departure for people who enter the United States, people who adjust their status in the United States or people who are extending their stay as well as other situations.  […]

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US Waiver Applications. Have you been denied entry to the USA?

Have  you been Denied Entry to US? You may need a US Waiver If you are Canadian and have been denied entry to the US, you know how stressful that can be. In most cases, people are denied entry to the US because they have some sort of criminal record such as drug possession, assault […]

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Entry to the US from Canada on Humanitarian Parole Approved

Hi Laura! Got through to the US very smoothly. Just did exactly as you said and it was fine. Thank you so very much I can not thank you guys enough for all that you do. You guys brought a family together at such an important time. I’m going to enjoy every moment :) and also […]

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Sequestration: US spending cuts will affect Canadians

Following the United States’ budget operations is not normally something that Canadians pay attention to, but the formal order for sequestration will be affecting the lives of both Americans and Canadians quite deeply. Sequestration is an across-the-board government spending cut, where many government agencies will have to cut about $85 billion from their budgets from […]

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Playboy Playmate Accused of Smuggling Canadian Boyfriend into United States

Former Playboy magazine Playmate Colleen Shannon was in Federal Court this week, charged with trying to smuggle her Canadian boyfriend, Robert Skojo, across the US-Canada border during summer 2012. While Canadians are able to travel to the United States pretty easily with a valid passport, a Canadian criminal record can render them inadmissible to the […]

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Harry Potter Actress Emma Watson denied entry to US

According to the New York Daily News, Actress Emma Watson was stopped at the JFK airport in New York over the Christmas break because the customs officers assumed she was an unaccompanied minor due to her youthful appearance.  In fact, Emma Watson is actually 22 years old. However, according to several tweets on her personal […]

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Can A Playboy Cover Get Kelly Brook Across The United States Border?

Entering the United States with a Magazine Cover Apparently, if you are model/actress Kelly Brook, you can simply show United States border officials your Playboy cover to sail through the United States border checkpoint faster and with more ease. Kelly Brook, a British citizen, is famous for being a television presenter and for being on […]

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The Dangerous Risks of Illegal Immigration

For many people around the world, illegal immigration seems to promise a relief from the miseries that they face. Some take this route for economic reasons and others for political motives. Either way, the path of illegal immigration is fraught with dangers that should be considered before someone decides to break the law of their […]

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US Officials Denied Permanent Residence Applicant with Gang Tattoos

As part of his application for US permanent residence, native Mexican Hector Villalobos traveled back to Mexico from Colorado to attend to his visa interview with a US immigration officer. In order to complete his application process, he needed to stay for a few months in his home country. Officer refused the tattooed guy Seven […]

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