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Green Card for Canadians approved!

 Niren & Associates provided a wonderful experience for my wife and I as she undertook the process of obtaining her employment authorization to work in the US, US Advance Parole and a United States Green Card. The service we received from Fadi Minawi and his legal assistant Laura Eaton was beyond reproach. There was always […]

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US Sponsorship Greencard Review: Happy clients makes us happy!

I could not recommend Niren and Associates more! I am a Canadian citizen married to a Canadian/American whom was relocated for work but because we were not married at the time of his relocation the company would not sponsor me so I needed to apply for a green card on my own. My application went […]

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EB-5 Investor Applications: Investor visa for the US

An EB-5 is a Green card path for individual investor into a US business an amount of $500,000 to $1,000,000 or more. $500,000 is the minimum investment for a Targeted Employment Area, otherwise, the minimum investment is $1,000,000. The basic premise behind an EB-5 is that the investment funds would be made into a business […]

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United States propose Green Cards for international students in certain programs

A group of United States senators have unveiled a plan to grant United States green cards to foreign students who complete postgraduate degrees in either engineering, math or science at an American University. The bill is expected to be a huge bonus for Indian students, who are obtaining student visas in record numbers in those […]

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Green Card application for Canadian approved in time for Christmas

Hi Laura. Just wanted you to know that everything went smoothly for my Green Card Application.  I didn’t get out of the consulate until about 11:35, however.  There were a LOT of people they were dealing with today. So thank you for copies of everything.  I was able to pass that over to them.  They […]

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US Green Card for Canadians

Canadians have the advantage of having a relatively easy time entering the US. I say “relatively” because of course there are always cases where US Customs and Border Protection deny Canadians entry to the US for many reasons including criminality, lack of ties etc. But generally speaking if you, as a Canadian, wish to visit […]

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Shifts in Immigration Policies Boost Asian Immigrants’ Growth in the US

Asian-Americans have officially taken over Latinos as the largest stream of new immigrants in the United States. According to a recent study conducted by the Pew Research Center, Asian Americans are also the nation’s best educated and highest paid income ethnic group.  Although there are significant differences among Asian Americans which vary from their country […]

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How to Remove Conditions on Resident Status if Marriage is Dissolved in 2 Years

While other spouses find it comfortable to file a joint petition in order to remove the conditions on one’s spouse Green Card, you could still be locked up in a situation where you feel it is too complicated to get your spouse collaborate with you in filing your petition. An immigrant based on a family […]

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How do I sponsor a worker for a US Green Card?

If you are a prospective employer of a foreign national whom you want to sponsor to become a US permanent resident on the basis of  a permanent job offer, you must carefully examine the multifarious process involved. Before you proceed to the first step you need to  ascertain whether your prospective employee will meet any […]

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