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You Need This to Pass Your Canadian Citizenship Test

Are you studying for your Canadian Citizenship test? If you are, you’re most likely going to be reading ‘Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship‘, the one and only official third party study guide designed for newcomers. The guide is completely free, and provides everything you need to prepare for the Canadian Citizenship test, along with […]

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Ottawa urged to remove citizenship by birth on Canadian soil

Immigration Officials have recommended that Canada remove its citizenship by birth policy to limit the potential of “birth tourism,” wherein foreign nationals who have children in Canada are then sponsored by those children once they turn eighteen. However, critics have responded by arguing that birth tourism is extremely rare and the cost of restricting citizenship […]

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Speedier Process for the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act

As reported by – Minister Chris Alexander (Canada’s Citizenship and Immigration) announced that recent changes to the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act are already showing results. Citizenship applications for foreigners to become permanent residence are now being processed more efficiently and backlogs are at their lowest level in more than 2 years. Changes to the […]

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Canadian Citizenship Applications Backlog

In order to speed up the backlog of citizenship applications the Immigration Minister has announced that the Government of Canada will be setting aside $44 million dollars over the next two years and 8 citizenship judges have been appointed. In addition to this the Government has scaled their citizenship fraud investigations and is to determine […]

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Canadian Citizenship Application Process

Applicants who fail their first citizenship test will now be able to rewrite their test instead of waiting for a citizenship judge. How the Citizenship Application Process Has Changed In the past those who failed their citizenship test were required to wait for months for an appointment with a citizenship judge who made a decision […]

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Immigration Lawyer Michael Niren quoted: Applicants who fail Canadian citizenship test to get second chance

According to recent reports from Postmedia News, the Canadian government is going to be allowing citizenship applicants who fail the citizenship test to re-take the test within four to eight weeks. However, if the applicant fails the test a second time, they will have to be assessed by a citizenship judge and this may take […]

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Changes to Canadian Citizenship Act Continue to Have Repercussions on Canadians Born Abroad

Changes made to the Canadian Citizenship Act in 2009 mean that children born to or adopted by Canadians who were born abroad are not automatically Canadian citizens if they too were born abroad.  This means that while one person born to Canadian citizens outside of Canada is automatically a Canadian citizen, their children, should they […]

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Canadian Citizenship Judge Charged With Helping Immigration Consultants’ Clients Cheat

After a one-year investigation by the RCMP, a Citizenship and Immigration Judge is facing charges and is accused of giving copies of citizenship exams to a Toronto immigration consultant after stealing them. According to the RCMP, the judge allegedly passed these tests onto an immigration consultant in order to help their clients attain Canadian citizenship. […]

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Requirements for obtaining Canadian citizenship

Canadian citizenship is the end goal for many immigrants who come to Canada every year. As a Canadian citizen, you can live and work in Canada, leave and re-enter Canada, vote in elections, hold public office and have a Canadian passport.  Obtaining Canadian citizenship requires much more than passing a citizenship test, although that is […]

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What Are the Requirements for Becoming a Canadian Citizen?

Becoming a Canadian citizen is a huge deal, and many immigrants to Canada have the dream of one day becoming a Canadian citizen. Many people know that the Canadian citizenship process involves a citizenship test, but did you know that there are several other requirements you must meet when you apply for Canadian citizenship? Requirements […]

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