Is It Better To Apply For a One-Time or Multiple-Entry Canadian Visa?

In order to visit, study or conduct business in Canada, people from many different countries need to apply for a visitor’s visa (for a list of countries whose citizens who do and do not require a visitor visa click here). In Canada, a visitor visa is also called a Temporary Resident Visa or a Temporary Resident Permit.

There are two different types of visitor visas in Canada: single entry and multiple entry.

A single entry visitor visa allows the holder to enter Canada once. If the holder leaves Canada and wants to come back, they will have to apply for another one – except if they are traveling to the United States. The single entry visitor’s visa is only valid for six months.

A multiple entry visa allows the holder to leave and re-enter Canada several times during the length of their visa’s validity. The multiple entry visitor’s visa is valid for a longer period of time than a single entry visa, which is only valid for six months. Each visa can be different, and the number of times you can enter Canada will be stated on the visa.

Single Entry vs. Multiple Entry Visitor’s Visa in Canada

Whether a single entry or a multiple entry visitor’s visa is best for you depends on your situation. If you are visiting family in Canada and are staying with them for the duration of your trip and not traveling outside of Canada or the United States, a single-entry visa is all you would need. But if you plan to travel between Canada and other countries, or could experience a family emergency and have to travel back to your home country and re-enter Canada later, you may benefit more from a multiple entry visa.

There are some benefits and drawbacks to each type of Canadian visitor visa which can be amplified by your personal situation, as well as your own personal preference. If you need help deciding which is best for you, contact us using the form on the right.

Update on Multiple Entry Visas: Good News!

Good news for those applying for Tourist Visas. CIC recently announced that it will be issuing multiple entry visas more often and will consider all TRV applications for multiple entry. This is great news and we are thrilled that CIC will be doing this. Of course you have to be eligible. For more information about multiple entry visas go here. 

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134 Responses to “Is It Better To Apply For a One-Time or Multiple-Entry Canadian Visa?”

  1. MJ says:

    Good day!

    Based on what I read from Michael Niren’s advise in the comment below, he said any visitor, upon entry to Canada can usually stay for 6 months each time he/she enters unless the customs officer says otherwise. And that rather than leaving Canada and coming back, it is recommended he/she just apply for an extension of his/her status from within Canada but it all depends on her particular circumstances.

    I just wish to seek assistance on how and where can I do that.

    Thank you in advance for your prompt and kind assistance and response!

    Thanks, MJ

    • owen says:

      Hello MJ,

      This really depends on your country of citizenship, and it may be necessary for you to apply for a TRV prior to attempting to enter Canada. It can be difficult to obtain the TRVs, but our experienced immigration lawyers would be happy to assist you in this. We would be happy to help you immigrate, and once you fill out our free online assessment form, one of our immigration professionals will be in touch with you shortly


  2. Julie says:

    Hello, I’m a Canadian PR. I’d like to invite my two grandaunts to Canada to visit my grandmom and us for a period of 3 months. My grandaunts are around 70 and both retired. They are living with my parents. They have their bank statements and some finacial proof. They are sisters, could they apply together in one application or should there be two separate packages? How is the chance for them to get approved? Thank you.

    • owen says:

      Hello Julie,

      They will need separate applications when applying for TRVs. An invitation from you will be helpful, but overall visitor visas can be difficult to obtain. We would be happy to help you with this, and once you fill out our free online assessment form, one of our immigration professionals will be in touch with you shortly


  3. Dhirendra says:

    I just got my open Work permit in Canada. I need to go to India nextweek and can I multiple my visa in India? Or do I have to do it here in canada?

    • owen says:

      Hello Dhirendra,

      Thanks for the question. You can only re-enter Canada if you have a multiple entry visa. If you don’t already have this, it might be possible to obtain it while in Canada, but you should definitely seek the assistance of one of our skilled immigration lawyers in order to ensure that you will be able to re-enter Canada.


  4. bhagwandas says:

    I am indian citizen . am having visitor visas for both Canada and usa. my question is when I enter Canada first , can I got to usa from Canada? my second queation is when I got to usa ( if allowed ) from Canada can it be termed as exit from Canada ? can I be allowed to stay further period of six months from that date in to Canada?

    • owen says:


      Thanks for the inquiry. Yes you can enter the USA from Canada, just ensure you have all of your relevant documentation with you. Also, this would in fact be considered ‘exiting’ Canada, and you may not be able to re-enter Canada unless you have a multiple entry visa. I hope this helps.


  5. Anneka Gayle says:

    Im a first time visiter to canada i got a week to stay there unfortunatly i add an emergency at home i only spent three days, would it be a problem if i return in the next four days?
    thank you

    • owen says:

      Hello Anneka,

      If you have a one-time entry visa then you will require a new visa to enter Canada again. If you have a valid multiple entry visa then you will be able to enter Canada. Please let us know if you require any further assistance.


  6. sam says:

    hi micheal, am leaving in uk ( i have eritrean passport and it has 5 years spouse visa) and i want to visit my family , so what is your advice to get my visa please . thanks

  7. Mary says:

    Hello Michael! I’m from Central America Honduras, and I want to know if my husband is living and working in Canada with a Postgraduate Work Permit, And I would like to apply for a tourist Visa to visit him, my question is, if he can send me a letter of invitation, even he is not a Canadian permanent resident or citizen?
    I’ll appreciate your answer!

  8. Anonymous says:

    hi.. i am planning to invite my mom to come here but the problem is i don’t meet the low income cut off and don’t have enough to pay for an insurance policy which are the requirements for super visa.. is it possible that she can apply just under a regular visa instead of a super visa? thanks in advance!

  9. Andrea N. says:


    My boyfriend, a Colombian National, just got his multiple entry visa for Canada but he would like to come here to study as well.

    I have two questions please, first is he able to come here begin studying English (I believe he can do this for maximum 6 months without a study permit) and then apply for a study permit while he’s here so he can continue his studies?

    If he cannot and needs to apply for a study permit while in Colombia, does he need to apply for a temporary resident visa (like the study permit application says) or is his multiple entry visa good enough?

    I would very much appreciate your help with my questions,

    thank you for your time,

  10. Srkanth R Eluri says:

    Hi Niren,

    I got issued visitor visa to canada for 5 years. I have recently travelled to canada and came back. I work here in India in an MNC ith handsome salary. My GF is working there in canada on work permit.

    My question is, I am planning to visit my GF again in December? Do you think there would be any problem at the port of entry i.e Toronto.
    Please advise.


  11. Paul says:

    i had completed my studies in aug 2014, i have my three years work permit. my student visa is upto march 2015 (multiple entry).i have already booked my ticket on nov 1 st to i have no time to extend my visa, so i can travel to india and come back?
    can i travel in my student visa(multiple enrty) with three years work permit?

  12. Avtar says:

    Hello there
    I’m avtar and I’m planning to visit Canada to my family friend I applied for the visa last year they rejected my visa 2 times ..I have good travelling history.then last year I applied for USA visitor visa they gave me visa for 10 year multiple entry and then I applied for Canada but they rejected me..recently my parents got the Canada visa for 10 year multiple I again submitted my file for Canada there any chance to get visa this time

    • owen says:

      Hello Avtar,

      Thanks for the question. I’m sorry to hear that your visa application was refused. These Temporary Resident Visa’s can be very difficult to obtain, but with the help of one of our experienced immigration lawyers, we will be able to advocate for you and strengthen any weaknesses in your application. There may also be a variety of other options available to you, but in order to further assist you, please fill out our free online assessment form and one of our immigration professionals will be in touch with you shortly.


  13. Rahul says:


    I am 29 and working as Asst Manager with overall experience of 8 years into finance & accounts in MNC. I have been to canada few times on business visa and holid valid visa till end of 2015.

    Now I am planning to go for full time studies for 1 year to canada for diploma into financial analysis to add more skills for bright career. Till now I have done bachelors in commerce through distance with 44% and diploma in business management with 61%.

    Can some one please let me know what are chances to get study visa?

    • owen says:

      Hello Rahul,

      Thank you for the question. Based on the information you provided, it appears that you would be eligible for a Study Permit, but in order to definitively determine this, please fill out our free online assessment form and one of our immigration professionals will be in touch with you shortly


  14. Crystal Dream says:


    I am wondering, if I have a student visa already that is valid until June next year, and I decided to leave Canada earlier to, for example, visit my family for christmas, does that mean that I will not be allowed to enter Canada again to resume my studies? My study permit says that a Re-entry to Canada is not guaranteed, and I would like to know if I can visit my family back in Germany and then come back to continue writing on my Masters thesis in Canada.

    • owen says:

      Hello Crystal,

      Thank you for the question. You may be able to visit your family abroad and then return to Canada to study as long as you have a valid passport/travel document and a valid study permit. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


  15. rowena says:


    I would like to inquire about tourist visa. If you have Canadian TRV, can you go to US as well for 2 days or do you need to apply for US Visa?

    Another question, if my relative got approved for 1 year visa and TRV is allowed to stay for 6 months, do they need to exit Canada before 6 months or can they stay until the visa expires?

    • Anna Gorovaya says:

      Dear Rowena,
      Thank you for your post. If you have a Canadian TRV, you can only travel to Canada. The tourist visa for the US needs to be obtained before you travel to the US if your country is not exempted from it.

      One year multiply visa means that your relative is able to visit Canada for a total of one year. However, he/she can remain in Canada only for 6 months at the time.

      If you have any further questions about the rules for visitors to Canada or the US, please contact us by filling out our assessment form at

      Thank you!

  16. Abosede says:


    I’m planning to enroll for an MBA full time course in Canada, and will like to come with my young children of 3 and 5 years old, can they be granted visa too for that 2 years? If yes what kind of visa will that be?

    Warm regards.

    • Donnell Kent says:

      Hello Abosede,

      Thank you for your inquiry. Yes, you can apply for your children to accompany you to Canada while you study. While in Canada, your children may be able to attend school in Canada (grade Kindergarten to grade 12) without applying for a Study Permit for them. In terms of a visa, you will have to apply for visas for your children. Your children will apply for visas as dependants to you.

      If you require further assistance, or have any further questions, I suggest you visit . Please fill out our free assessment and one of our skilled representatives will assist you in determining your eligibility and guide you through the steps to obtain a Study Permit for yourself as well as Visitor Visas for your children.

  17. Siegfried William says:

    Hi Michael,
    I am a Cameroonian by nationality living in Brazil with a student permit. I have been in brazil for about 16 months. I was in Indian 2years( 2010-2012) for studies and got a schalrarship to study in a theological institute here in Brazil, which program runs down to 2016.
    I do wish to visit my uncle during the holiday at December. He will be responsible of my stay in canada during the holiday. He has been in canada for more than 10years, working and have a permanent resident.

    Please I do wish to ask, what are my chances as a student ( ties)?
    Will I need to show personal bank statement or his will be okay ( documents he will send to me)?
    Please I will be grateful to hear from you.

    • owen says:

      Hello Siegfried,

      Thank you for the question. That’s terrific that you would like to visit your uncle in Canada, and your uncle can certainly provide you with a letter of invitation which would form one component of your application; however, there are variety of other factors that immigration officials will consider, and we would be happy to help you maximize your chances of submitting a successful visa application. Please fill out our free online assessment form and one of our immigration professionals will be in touch with you shortly to assist you in coming to Canada


  18. jemma says:

    Hi name is Emma from Philippines i am a nursing student here and i have family relative in Canada they invite me for a vacation but when i apply they refused my visa

    because they told me that i don’t have strong ties Philippines and travel
    history. it is still not enough to prof that my parent and i am still studying here..

  19. Rahul says:

    Hi, I applied for a multiple entry visa to visit my cousin in Canada. My consultancy guy suggested that applying for a single entry visa have more chances of getting a multiple entry visa (least case at least a single entry visa). But applying for multiple entry visa has a 50-50 chance. Now if I’m not eligible for a multiple entry will I be offered a single entry or I don’t get any visa stamped?

    • Sarah Jane MacDonald says:

      Hello Rahul,
      Without knowing the specific details of your application, I am not able to predict your eligibility for a single or multiple-entry visa. If you would like to consult with one of our team members, please fill out this online assessment form and you will be contacted within 24 hours.

      Sarah Jane

  20. Suju says:

    my name is Suju…my girlfriend lives in Canada with study visa..and she wants to invite me in her convocation ceremony..and i dont have any country’s what procedure should i do to get visitor visa to attend her convocation ceremony

    • Anisa Dattu says:

      Hello Suju,

      Thank you for your post. We are pleased to assist you in obtaining a visitor visa for Canada and helping you attend your girlfrined’s convocation.

      Please fill out our free assessment and one of our skilled representatives will assist you in determining your eligibility and guide you through the steps to obtain one.



  21. Joseph says:

    I am a Nigerian, work as a marketing manager for a door company in nigeria, I have a visiting visa to the us and my family friend wants to invite me to canada, can I apply for the visa from the us?

    • Sarah Jane MacDonald says:


      Yes, and we would be happy to assist you with your visitor visa application. I will have one of our immigration consultants contact you the email address you have provided.

      Best of luck to you,
      Sarah Jane

  22. sukh says:

    Hi Niren,
    I am a permanent resident of Canada. I am 29 yrs old, live in new Brunswick . I am working with IBM. I want to invite my friend from India to visit me who is 30 years old . His visitor visa was rejected once 3 years ago. He has job there in India. Is there chances that he will get visitor visa if i send him invitation letter?


    • Anisa Dattu says:

      Hi Sukh,

      Thank you for your post. We can definitely help you invite your friend from India to come visit you in Canada. We will need more information in regards to why he was refused and we can determine his eligibility to come to Canada as a visitor. We have dealt with many applicants that have previously been refused and always put together a strong application for them. Please fill out our free assessment and one of our highly skilled representatives will provide you with information about obtaining a visitor visa for your friend.



  23. suby says:

    hi my mothers visit visa was rejected on grounds that she has not enough funds for stay during the visit., her ties back home and financial assets

    however, she has given her bank statement which carries 5000 USD and also my husbands brother who is a canadian citizen sent her an invitation letter saying he will be looking after her lodging,food and any expenses. she has also provided evidence of looking after my grandmother who is under her care.

    my husband and i are not able to show our employement details for the invitation letter as we are currently not working….
    will my letter of invitation be accepted? also i want my mother to come for my pregnancy and i did provide a letter from the doctor as well, will this be a reason for the rejection?

    thank you

    • Sarah Jane MacDonald says:

      First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy!
      There are many factors that immigration officers consider when reviewing an application for a visitor visa. As you mentioned, they include financial statements, letters of invitation, and proof of ties to the home country with strong evidence that the visitor will leave Canada at the end of their stay. It am sorry to hear that your mother’s visa was denied. We may be able to help, please fill out our Free Online Eligibility Assessment and from there one of our experienced Canadian Immigration Lawyers can review your Mother’s case and provide you with some more detailed information on what options she may have.

      All the best,
      Sarah Jane

  24. Hardeep K says:

    I am from India, but right now I am student in Ireland. My whole family in India. My mom friend wants to invite me on his son wedding as a visitor in Canada. I just want to know what kind of document I have to show to embassy I am also doing job here, do I have need to show my job and can my dad sponsor me financially besides I am doing job, and what kind of documents I need from my home country. How much chance I have to get visitor visa?

  25. Beth says:

    Hi Sir Michael

    I know my case is very hard but i am still hoping that its possible for me to go and visit my bf in Canada. My bf is a canadian citizen separated to his wife for almost five years. We’ve met year 2011 and our relationship keeps going strong till at the present. Is it possible for him to get and invite me to visit him in canada for a month. He will provide everything plane tickets, and i will stay in his house. He visited me here in the Philippines 2011 january, may and dec, 2012 month of may, november and dec to january. 2013 his trip was cancelled because of his health problem and now he wants me to go there as a tourist and he will provide everything. I know that i need to show some documents to prove that i have no intention to stay there for a longer time. I have 3 children still studying, i have a small internet cafe shop as my little business but i dont have bank account. But we are willing to open a new bank account with his help but the embassy might find out that its a new open account. I know this is tough for me but just want to try if you can help us. We have no intention for me stay there because his plan is work there 6 months and stay here 6 months but before it happens he wants me to visit and see canada. Can you help us. There is only one hope that i can go there but we dont know when he can get his divorce. There is another story. Please mr niren help me. ): ):

  26. Salima says:

    Hi i am in Edmonton AB. I want to call my mom on a visitors visa, but my question is can i call 2 people at the same time with the invitation letter. I want to call my mom n one of my friend he will be applying for visa few days after my mom. By the way they both will be coming from India.

  27. Salima says:

    Hi i am in Edmonton AB. I want to call my mom on a visitors visa, but my question is can i call 2 people at the same time with the invitation letter. I want to call my mom n one of my friend he will be applying for visa few days after my mom.

  28. gurpreet says:

    Hi sir. . My question is. . M applying tourist visa to canada wid my husband . . My younger sister getting married this may. . So we got invitation I want to ask u my passport name n adress wil be change for applying to canada. . I have to mention that m married n my last name wil also change. . Coz all my id proof has been change nw after marriage . . Or my old passport will be ok for applying to canada

    • Hi Gurpreet:
      I am not sure what you are asking. You should disclose all important facts for your application. If you are going to Canada for a wedding that is a valid reason to visit Canada but you have to show your ties to your home country and that you will return to your home country when your visit is over. If your name changes you should submit that information to the Embassy.
      Good luck

  29. shabnam says:

    Hi,I’m Iranian,educated in bachelor and want to study a 2yrs diploma program in Toronto. Is there a chance that my student visa will be refused because the program that I chose is lower than my bachelor degree?can my husband apply for a visitor visa and after arriving apply for open work permit?I’m so worry about refusal of my student visa,what should I do to avoid it?
    Thank you

    • Hello Shabnam
      I don’t think that your student visa will be refused just because your program is lower than your current education. And yes your husband can apply as your spouse for a work permit. If you are worried about being refused, I would suggest hiring an immigration lawyer to assist you with your case. You can certainly contact us or fill out our visa assessment form

  30. kamran says:

    My Fiance is a Canadian Citizen, we are willing to marry this year but in spite the fact that applying from Pakistan takes more than 2 years to process spouse visa for Canada. what if i get on Study visa to Germany and process from there?

    Kindly suggest.

    • Hello Kamran

      If you go to Germany and get valid status there then yes, your application can be filed at the Canadian Embassy there. And I agree the application should be processed faster than in Islamabad. However, you should know that Canada does not have finance visas any more. In order to be sponsored you have to be married, common law or in a conjugal relationship.
      Michael Niren

  31. Mary Ann says:

    Hi Michael,

    My grandmother and I are planning to visit Canada for my cousin’s wedding this May. I’ll be going with her to be an escort since she’s already 70 years old. I’m 21 yrs old fresh graduate and fully dependent of my parents. I would like to ask if there’s any chance our visa will be approved? My grandma has 3 children in vancouver who are already Canadian citizens and they will be our hosts there. I am just very anxious if we have a chance or not. We’re from the Philippines by the way. Thank you in advance! (:

    • Hello Mary Ann

      Based on the information you provided you should be ok for getting a TRV for your cousin’s wedding. However, in order for us to know for sure we would have to get involved with your case as your representatives. We would then prepare your TRV and your grandmother’s to maximize the changes of an approval. You have to show proof of the reason you are coming to Canada, duration of stay, financial support and ties to your home country at minimum.

  32. bilawal says:

    hi i am accepted for admission in canadian university i want to know can my brother who is canadian national sponser my studies as he pay already my tution fee here or i have to submit my personal bankstament.thanks

    • Hi Bilawal

      Your brother can deposit money in your account for your studies and you can show you have funds to support yourself during your studies. You also have to show that you have paid tuition for your course and have proof of your acceptance to your school. But your brother can fund your education. Best

  33. Sasha says:

    I have a job letter stating that my job will be paying for my expenses while in Canada for a few days with my boss at a travel show..I’m enclosing documents of my family ,property and payslips..what other documents do u suggests I put in my application and is the letter stating that my expenses will be covered suffice as proof of funds?

    • Hi Sasha

      Well the standard way to show proof of funds is a bank statement. I can’t comment about what to put in a given application unless we handle the case directly. But generally the more proof you provide the better.

  34. YASIR says:


    • Hello Yasir

      Your application for a Study Permit is taking a long time. It is hard to tell how much longer. We would have to get involved in your case to really find out what is going on. Applications can take many months to process depending on where you apply.

  35. Kim says:

    Hi Michael

    I would like to take my son’s girlfriend on a trip to Cuba in March 2014. She has a valid Phillipine’s passport that expires in December 2014 and a Canadian multiple entry visa that expires in September 2014. She also has a Canadian work permit that is valid until December 2014. Should I have any concerns about her returning to Canada from Cuba? I’m not sure if she would require anything further. Your help is greatly appreciated.

    Best Regards,

    • Hello Kim
      So long as your son’s girlfriend has a multiple entry visa that remains valid upon her return to Canada, she should be admitted. When she comes back make sure she has her work permit and of course her passport with her for inspection at Canada Customs.And since her passport is valid for more than 6 months after the intended trip to Cuba, she should be ok.
      Good Luck!

  36. Jason A.Robinson says:

    As said you can opt for either a single entry or a multiple entry depending on your requirements and needs.Consult with your immigration service center and decide which one you want to take.

  37. Mark says:


    My wife and I are planning to invite my wife’ cousin from India (age around 28 single) to come visit us. My wife and her cousin have grown up together, and since my wife’s family moved to Canada, they have spend very little time together. Our current life style and work situation makes it difficult for my wife to spend any significant time with cousin in India.

    We are wondering whether her martial status and age would cause any problems in getting approval for single entry visa? She fully intends to return back home as she entire family (parents and brother) and has a good job there.

    Any thoughts?

    Any thoughts?

    • Hi Mark

      For these kind of cases, it is important that the applicant in India show her strong ties to India including her family there, any employment, property etc. Also if she has travelled to other countries before without overstaying that could help as it shows credibility. You may want to get professional assistance for this case as getting TRVs from India are becoming increasingly difficult.

  38. IMRAN says:

    Hi Michael,

    I have 5 years valid USA visa, I have my own business here in Pakistan. I applied for Canada visit visa in order to meet my counterpart in Canada, I submitted invitation letter of canadian company along with my other documents, business statements, my company bank statement etc but they refused my visa and gave below reasons:

    1 – Your family ties in Canada and in your country of residence.
    2 – Purpose of Visit.
    3- Your personal assets and financial status.
    4- That you have a legitimate business purpose in Canada.

    • Hi Imran

      Thank you for your question. The reasons for your visitor visa refusal seem pretty standard. That letter you got is what most people receive when refused. Since we do not have copies of your application it is hard to comment why your application was refused. We can take a look at it and perhaps re-apply with a stronger case. Since you have a 5 year US visa, that shows a lot of credibility.


  39. Lucia N says:

    Hi my mom just got her multiple entry visa for Canada. She will stay with my brother and her family. However I would like her to come to visit me in NY. She already applied two times for a US tourist visa in Peru and got denied. Now that she got her multiple visa do you think she would have more and better chances to come visit me in NY? Thank you so much

    • Hello Lucia N
      That is a good question. I am glad your mom got her multiple entry visa to Canada. However, that does not guarantee she will be a US Visitor visa. Since she was denied a US Visa twice, it will be difficult case. In this situation I would consult with a lawyer who handles US Immigration. We have a team that does that.

      Best Regards
      Michael Niren

  40. Joey says:

    Hi Mr. Michael,

    Is it possible to apply for a 6 months or lesser than that Visitors Visa then tour Canada and be able to look for a prospective employer? I am looking forward to look for a toil in Canada. Unfortunately I cant enter the FSW of their program since my degree isnt what the market in demand of. I am hoping for your reply soon.

    Warm Regards,

    • Hello Joey

      If you come to Canada as a visitor you are able to look for work.But if you get a job offer, you will then have to apply for a work permit which is a different process.

      Michael Niren

  41. John says:

    Hi Michael!

    I am John a nurse in the Philippines. I am currently applying for a residency visa in Quebec, Canada. Under their new guidelines released this August, I have 51 points and that qualified me to apply. My papers are now ready to be lodge this week hopefully by thursday or friday for they only have 20,000 limit for applicant under the new guidelines. I have my IELTS results but I have not taken my french exam yet Im planning to take the exam this October.
    Once I lodge my papers, how is my chance to be selected and approved by the quebec immigration?

    Thanks a lot. looking forward to hear from you soon.

    • Hi John

      It looks like you have a good case based on the information you provided. You may want a lawyer to look at it before you submit your application to ensure that it is properly prepared.
      Michael Niren

  42. Alex thomas says:

    Thanks Michael yes my question pertains to Canadian Visa.

  43. Alex says:

    Hi Michael,

    Thanks for responding to all the questions people have, this is a great help. I need to understand what are the chances of my spouse getting Single or Multiple entry Visa to Canada. I am US Citizen , working in US as an tech. architect earning pretty good, i got married recently with an indian Citizen.We are planning to do a tourism trip Canada. Her petition for green card is pending for US Spouse category and expected to have an interview at US consulate in India in next 6 months. First what are the chances of getting a Visitor Visa , I planned itinerary with confirmed ticket and hotel booking. Should i mention and submit document that her petition for green card is pending and she needs to go back to India for interview.

    • Hello Alex

      Im assuming your question pertains to a Canadian not US visitor visa. If so since you seem to wish to visit Canada and you are sponsoring her to the US, you should be ok as there is little risk that she will remain in Canada beyond her status.

      Good luck!

  44. Jeremy says:

    Hi, my grandmother from the Philippines is here in canada with a multiple entry visa for 5 years, she also have a 10 years multiple visa in US. How long can she stay in Canada and is it ok if I just take her to US every 6 months for a week or few days then come back again to canada for another 6 months.? Thanks

    • Hello Jeremy

      Your grandmother upon entry to Canada can usually stay for 6 months each time she enters unless the customs officer says otherwise. Rather than leaving Canada and coming back, it is recommended she just apply for an extension of her status from within Canada but it all depends on her particular circumstances.
      Michael Niren

  45. amir says:

    hi michael I am pakistani i want to apply for canadian Visitor visa . I want is any how many chances are there for pakistani to get a canadian visitor visa for 6 months

    • Hello Amir
      It generally is difficult to get a Visa to Canada from Pakistan. You have to show strong ties to your home country and that your stay in Canada will be temporary. You need to show proper evidence of this.


  46. sanaz says:

    I have six months canadian visitor visa,is it possible for me to get two weeks us visiting permission at Niagara border

  47. Shiela says:

    Hi! My parents applied for a multiple visa, I’m just wondering if they have a chance. My aunt invited them on their mother’s 90th birthday. We submitted notarized invitation invitation letter, citizenship Id and itr, 3 business registrations, land titles,or/cr of their vehicles,bank certifications and statements, strong family ties in the Philippines as stated in their family info., my father’s travel history was during the 70′s and 80′s when he was still an Overseas Filipino Worker, and my mother’s was just last year for a 3 day trip in Singapore. My Father’s passport will expire next year and my mother’s is in 2016. We just applied for a multiple visa Instead of applying for a single entry because we thought it’s more convenient if they travel again in Canada for tourism next time. They are already 55 years old, i guess they need to travel more. We stated also that they will travel for a month. I also read that even if you applied for a multiple visa it’s still VO’s discretion if they will grant a single entry or multiple visa.

    • Hello Sheila

      It looks like your parent’s application was very well prepared based on your post. Plus they have a good reason to come to Canada. This case should be approved. If you run into any issues you can always contact us.

      Best of luck!

  48. MikeLo says:

    HI Micheal,

    I am a Canadian Citizen living/ working in UAE for the past 7 years. I got married last October to my wife who is having a travel document “Palestinian”. I wanted to take her for vacation this summer so we decided to go to Canada. I booked the tickets and applied for Single Entry visit Visa. It has been almost a month now without a response from the embassy except for an email asking for wedding pics and after marriage pics which was sent and confirmation email was replied. I am running out of time as I only have one week left to travel and I will loose the value of the tickets if cancelled as they were booked online. I have sent the embassy an email inquiring about the status of the VIsa and they responded with ” we are still conducting background checks and unable to determine when application will be finalized.” What shall I do ? Is it a good idea to go to the embassy and talk to the embassidor himself? My wife has already submitted all the required documents .(i.e. salary certificate, bank statement, etc…) what do I need to do to expedite the matter and get the approval?

    Best regards,

    Mike Lo

    • Hello MikeLo

      I am sorry that your have having issues with your wife’s visa to Canada. Since she is from Palestine, her case will be challenging and this is why it is taking longer. Let me know if you need urgent assistance.


  49. Aga says:

    Hi Michael,

    I’m currently working as an intern in US and I’ll stay here for 6 months. I’d like to visit Canada at least twice during this time and I was wondering whether one entry visa would be enough for me? Could I reenter Canada from US multiple times within 6 months on one entry touristic visa or should I get the multiple entry one?


    • Hi Aga

      You may be eligible to enter Canada depending on your citizenship. If you are for a country for which a Visa is required you will have to apply for one first. But generally you can enter and reenter Canada from the US on a visa.


  50. saysi says:

    i have us 10 yrs multiple visa i want to enter canada is it easy to get canada visa or there’s a chance of refusal?

    • Hello Saysi

      Thank you for your question. If you have a 10 year multiple entry visa and it is still valid you should have no issues entering Canada provided you do not have a serious medical condition or criminal record. Of course you have to show your stay in Canada will be temporary.

  51. Stephanie says:

    Hello! I am a Nigerian citizen and I have been invited by a family friend to visit Canada. This came at a short notice and I have booked for my ticket and will be travelling to the USA on the 24th of May. The visa process in Nigeria I heard takes like 2months. Can I apply for a visiting visa to Canada from the US?

    • Hello Stephanie

      If you are a foreign national you can apply for a Canadian temporary visa from the US but you have to show a reason why you are doing so and not from your home country. The Canadian Embassy has to accept your reasons and believe that you are going to stay in Canada for a temporary period.


  52. Abdul says:

    Hello, i live and work in london and i have applied for a single entry visit visa for myself and my wife, her sister in law lives there and did provide a invite letter aswell. However it has been 3weeks since we’ve applied and no answer yet. we both are pakistani nationals.

    It’s just worrying since the cic websites states 7working days processing time for applications from london and its been 3weeks now.

    • Hello Abdul

      Your application for a visitor visa is taking a long time. Sometimes there are delays however. I would wait another week or two and then you may have to make inquires as to what the issue is. You also may want to get a lawyer to help you.


  53. Yasir says:

    I get refusals 6 time by Canadian embassy Islamabad, final I got visit visa on 7th time by sponser my Canadian relative , I went there and spend like 4 weeks. Then I come back and apply again two time , but again I get refusal with reason that we have dout that you will not come back. What should I do.


    • Hello Yasir
      You have a lot of refusals! I think you should consider hiring a lawyer to help you with your visa applications. I am glad you were approved at least once but a total of 7 refusals is a lot! There must be some information missing or incomplete with your applications.

  54. Arable says:

    Hello! I’m still 18 years old and my boyfriend is a Canadian Citizen. He used to live in the Philippines and he went to canada for college. we are highschool sweethearts. He is graduating this December in Aviation Management. We are planning that i’ll visit him for Christmas and New Year. Do you think ill get accepted for visa with that reason? Besides, i got my parents blessing in visiting him! :) i hope i can visit him!

    • Hello Arabie

      Good luck on your visit to Canada. Make sure you have all your paper work in order including proof of your ties to your home country and evidence that you will be in Canada for only a temporary period.


  55. Thuy says:

    Hi Michael Niren. I’m Thuy. I forgot to let you know my plan is my sister and her husband come to canada this june 21 then about july 1 I ‘ll take them go to califonia 1 week then come back to canada . But they have canadian single entry visa. That the problem . Thanks so much for your help. Thuy

  56. Thuy says:

    Hi Michael Niren. My name’s Thuy. Please I would like you help me.
    My sister and her husband both have canadian single entry visa . I already bought a tickets for them to come to canada this june 21 to july 20.
    Then they go to apply the usa visa and they’re got them. But the tickets I bought already if i cancel the tickets. then book another tickets – they will lost 25% = about $ 1.000 canadian.
    What can I do now?. If right now they apply the canadian mutiple again , could they? And how? And sould they ‘re apply in vn now or they come to canada then apply visa and sent to ottawa ? Now they’re still have about 2 month in vn.
    Please what can I do now?

    • Hello Thuy

      Your sister and husband can apply for multiple entry visas but they may not get them. The good news is that if they come to Canada on their single entry visas, and then go to the USA on US visas, generally they could return to Canada provided their visas are still valid. But there is a risk in doing it this way as some CBSA officers may still refuse entry given their visas are single entry.

      Hope that helps

  57. Hi All. Just to let you know that we are now accepting online appointment bookings. This means that you if wish to speak with us about your case, you can book an appointment securely online.

    Just go to

    Michael Niren

  58. Charles says:

    Hi Michael, I am a Filipino citizen with a single entry visa to Canada and a multiple entry visa to the U.S.. I would like to book a cruise with Norwegian Cruise Lines (NCL) that departs from Vancouver and disembarks in Seattle. Basically my tour would be best described as follows: Philippines -> Vancouver (Canada) -> Alaska (U.S.) -> Victoria (Canada) -> Seattle (U.S.) -> Vacouver (Canada) -> Philippines. I’ve been reading around and there was mention of “international waters” which got me concerned if my single entry visa for Canada is valid for the whole trip. My question is whether my visas are adequate to get me back and forth given I’m touching Canada soil thrice and U.S. twice. Really appreciate your help. Thanks.

    • Hi Charles

      I hear that NCL is really nice. Enjoy your trip! Your visas should be ok to get you in an out of ports but you really should speak with NCL about this. They would know how this works when it comes to Port-of-Calls and their guests. This is not an uncommon problem cruise lines deal with. Let me know what they say!


  59. Shayan says:

    Hi Michael,

    I recently applied for a visitor visa for my mother who lives in Iran. I hadn’t received a response from the immigration office, but after 7 months I got a decision. They refused the request. The reasons being were: family ties in Canada or Iran (currently has two sons in Iran), her financial resources in Iran, her travel history, and reason for travel. My wife was born in Canada and Ive been here fr almost 4 years now and will be becoming a Canadian citizen soon, my income has increased significantly as well. I’m not sure if any of these make a difference? Int he email theyve stated to only resubmit an app if enough substantial additional documentation is provided. Could i have also more of a chance of them accepting her request if we send a request when my wife is expecting a child? Please advise. Thank you for your time.


    • Hello Shayan

      I am sorry to hear about your mother’s refusal. It is often difficult to get a visitor visa for Iranians because the Canadian authorities believe that most Iranian nationals, when given the chance, will not return home. The fact that your wife is expecting a child in Canada may even make this more difficult because it gives your mother a reason to stay in Canada and not return.

      Without looking at your application it is hard to give you advise. We have successfully processed these kind of cases after refusals but they are not easy.


  60. Xredtulipx says:

    Hi i’ll be very thankful if you can help me in this i’m not from a visa exempt country i have a single entry visit visa of Canada and multiple entry visa of US. In feb 2013 i was in canada where i got a job offer and employers also provide me with a positive LMOnow i’m un US to meet my family and planning to go back to canada as i can re-enter again on single entry if i just visit US. I’ll be enterning canada again my question is this that can i just ask to change my status from visitor to worker at niagara fall border? is this possible that they can give me that? has anybody have any experience of doing this?

  61. Midnight says:

    Hi Michael. Again, im from the philippines, and I am about to apply for a temporary visit visa in canada in a few weeks. I want to visit my boyfriend in BC and he has sent me a signed letter of invitation. Does it need to be notarized? Im a stock broker for a US company, working for nearly 2yrs, with enough savings, and will shoulder all travel expenses. Im not sure though if that’s sufficient for me to get approved for a single-entry, 3-week stay. Hope you can help.

    • Hello Midnight

      No single document will guarantee approval. Getting the invitation letter notarized could help. We recommend preparing a comprehensive package of documents and submission to maximize the chances of success!

      Michael Niren

  62. Fame says:


    I have a multiple entry visa to Canada. I entered for conference and told CBSA I would stay for a month. If I stay for six months instead, would it affect my next entry. Also can one be denied entry if you have a valid multiple entry

    • Hello Fame

      It depends if your CBSA officer stamped your passport with an expiry date. If not, then usually its an automatic 6 months. If you have an expiry date and you wish to stay longer, you should apply for an extension of your status in Canada.
      I hope this helps

  63. Sidney says:

    Hi Michael,

    I’m planning to invite my sister over from the Philippines and was contemplating on whether to get a single or multiple entry visa. Is there an advantage in the approval process if you get one over the other?

    Thank you,

    • Hello Sidney
      Thank you for your question. If you get a multiple entry visa, your sister can of course come visit many times to Canada during the validity of her visa. But generally multiple entry visas are more difficult to get than single entry visas. From the Philippines where many people want to immigrate to Canada and not just visit, this can be more difficult.
      Best of Luck

  64. Gills says:

    Dear Michael.
    I live and work in Sweden and my wife who is a permanent resident in Canada lives with my son who a Canadian citizen by birth, live in Montreal. I want to visit them although I intend to join them permanently in Canada in the future. Which visa option would you advice me to apply for: Multiple or Single entry visa.

    Thanks in advance.


    • Hi Gills

      Well if you can get a multiple entry visa that would obviously be better. But that may be difficult given your family ties to Canada. If you intend to immigrate to Canada though your spouse that would be a permanent solution for you.

  65. Somy says:

    Hi Micheal,
    thanks for your reply i just want to inform you and your readers that , fortunatley, my parenths got their multiple visa. this process took around 3 month and 10 days and it is not true that they wont issue multiple entry visa for first time visitors.

    • Hello Somy
      Thank you for sharing your story with us about your parents. Some times Embassy’s can be tough and sometimes more reasonable. Glad it worked out for you.

  66. Somy says:

    Hi ,
    i am a Canadian citizen and invited my parents to visit me from Iran. my mom was here last year for 4 months ,however, it is the first time for my dad . since Canadian embassy closed in Iran and Iranian citizens needs to travel to Turkey to apply for visa , I applied for multiple entry for my father . i went back to Iran and prepared all the documents properly ,it has been 2 months since we applied and no reply so far . i know it normally takes 4 months so no problem on that. Everyone keep telling me that it was a mistake to apply for multiple visa for my father as it is his first time visiting Canada and they might refuse to issue the visa.
    i have a question , is there a chance to get single entry when you applied for multiple? Do they might compromised and issue single entry visa?
    is it true that they don’t issue multiple visa for first time visitors from Iran?
    thanks for your help.

    • Hello Somy

      You can apply for a single entry but it is best to wait for your original application to be processed first. Visits to Canada for Iranian citizens are more and more difficult these days especially with the Embassy closed. There are more delays with visitor visa (TRV) cases now. Also each case is looked at individually so it is impossible to know in advance if your case will be approved.
      If you need more information you can email us at for help.

      Best Regards

  67. lori says:

    hello, i am from Philippines also and applied already way back 4 years ago. I was denied three times. Mu husband is a Canadian Citizen, my two kids has Canadian passport we submitted all the required documents, I got house here and basically all i want is to meet her MOm, but sad to say i was denied and now my husband Mom is ill and planning to see her and visit her and will try to apply again. My husband already file a petition to me in the US because he is a Greencard Holder, we really have no plan to settle in Canada because all his work and Assets are in the United States, what is my chance if i apply again?. It’s just sad for me to think the worse but I am still hoping that i could meet her MOm once and for all and meet also the brother of my husband and his kids whom are also residing in the United States. All i want is to travel there with my kids and husband and to go there as a Family. I know a lot of people who go there on a tourist visa abused it and overstay there but i have no intentions of doing that.

    • Hello there

      Thank you for your question. Yes it is hard these days to get a tourist visa to Canada from the Philippines. You have to make a REALLY strong case in order to get approved. If your intentions are not to immigrante to Canada you have to prove this very clearly. You should show your husband’s documents to the Canadian Embassy to illustrate you are not immigrating to Canada plus show why you really want to visit Canada for a temporary period. Not easy!
      Good luck

  68. Irina says:

    I have just a question regarding my mother in law. She just came to Canada from Belarus to visit us for a period of 6 months. She enter to Canada with single entry visa # issued from Canadian consulate in Varsaw.
    My wife and I (both canadian citizens) are planning to go to a trip to Cuba and we would like to take her with us for a period of one week and re-enter to Canada for her to stay with us for the remaining time of her stay.
    What are the best options? How long will it take?

    • Hello Irina

      Thank you for your post. I think it will be difficult for your mother in law to reenter Canada if she does not have a multiple entry visa. You can try again for a single entry but it may or may not be granted. Also you have to see if someone from Belarus will have any issues getting admitted into Cuba in the first place.

  69. Miss May M Juan says:

    im from philippines 30 years old, im working as Phil. coast guard n0n-commissioned officer, my parents lives in USA and i have a petition under F2B immigrant PD-2005, i already tried to apply US tourist visa twice but i was always denied. my friends told me to wait the immigrant petition than taking a chance for US tourist visa. I realized the best thing to do is to apply canadian tourist visa then applying a US tourist visa. what am i supposed to do to applying US visa or canadian visa as stepping stone to US? i just want to visit my parents for the maintime hopefuly.

    • Hello May

      I am not sure you are getting correct advice. If you get a Canadian visa and then apply for a US Visa from Canada, the US Consulate in Canada will still have the same concerns they did in Manila. In fact if you do not have ties to Canada which you won’t, then more suspicion will be raised. I would rather make a very strong case for a US tourist visa again and get professional help with this.
      Best Regards

  70. canadian visitor visa says:

    canadian visitor visa consists of two different types of visitor visas: single entry and multiple entry.And i think multiple entry is a good option.

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