Lesley Trudelle

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Lesley Trudelle

I love to

When not working in Law I might be found
In my free time I love to travel the World and learn about others. I love to capture my journeys with my camera. I realized through traveling that we all want the same things from life. Though our cultures and customs may differ we are similar in other ways.

My greatest/proudest achievement
I love to help the less fortunate. I’ve done this in many ways from bringing food and tents to the homeless to rescuing my orphaned cousin from another country and help her to grow up in a safe and loving environment.

Songs you might find on my iTunes
I’m a classically trained violinist who loves all kinds of music. Music is just another way to enjoy the diversity the World has to offer.

Critical to my law practice experience and success
I’m patient, kind and a good listener. I make it my goal to connect with all people. This is very important when you are trying to capture someone’s dreams and make them a reality. People who know me say I’ve never met a stranger.

What the firm means to me
The firm gives me the opportunity to connect with others and help them achieve the new life they are dreaming of! Helping others makes me happy! What could be better than that.

Lesley Trudelle is a Client Intake Associate for VisaPlace. She is responsible for booking consultation appointments for Immigration practitioners.

Lesley worked in the travel industry for the past 35 years. Her passion is to travel the World and learn about other cultures and customs. Now, she works to bring those cultures and customs closer to her home. Her passion is to make client’s dreams come true.

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"VisaPlace referred us to a great law firm and great lawyers. All I can say is "thank you" for getting my visa quickly. VisaPlace knew exactly what kind of legal team could help where other's couldn't. The fees were reasonable and everything went smoothly. Thank you for everything! I would highly recommend VisaPlace and the immigration attorneys they work with to anyone wishing to move to Canada or to the US."
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