Guy Chen

Guy Chen

I love to
go to the Air Canada Centre. home to the Toronto raptors, and the Maple Leafs. During their games I really enjoy the excitement in the stadium, seeing the support our city gives to its players.

When not working in Law I might be found
Spending time with family and friends, playing soccer, practicing yoga, enjoying the great outdoors and exploring new places around the world.

My greatest/proudest achievement
I am always proud when I am able to help someone who is having trouble with immigration.

Songs you might find on my iTunes
Frank Sinatra, Adele

Critical to my law practice experience and success
It is imperative to always keep up to date with all the new changes that are happening in the field of immigration.

What the firm means to me
The firm allows me to work with intellectual professionals who work together to achieve success .

Guy is a licensed Paralegal with experience in immigration law.  He is a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada. Guy is responsible for providing our clients with guidance on Canadian immigration matters, and helping them achieve their immigration goals. This includes sponsorship, Express Entry, temporary resident visas and permits, study and work permits, Labor Market Impact Assessments (LMIA), inadmissibility issues, and the Provincial Nominee Programs.

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"VisaPlace referred us to a great law firm and great lawyers. All I can say is "thank you" for getting my visa quickly. VisaPlace knew exactly what kind of legal team could help where other's couldn't. The fees were reasonable and everything went smoothly. Thank you for everything! I would highly recommend VisaPlace and the immigration attorneys they work with to anyone wishing to move to Canada or to the US."
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