Emily Mitra Ghosh

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Emily Mitra Ghosh

I love to
Travel with my family and explore every corner of the globe. Each new adventure gives me a better understanding of the people who I meet through my work in the field of immigration.

When not working in Law I might be found
Spending time with family and friends, and practicing yoga and meditation.

My greatest/proudest achievement
Coming to Canada to give my daughter the opportunity to study at the prestigious University of Toronto.

Songs you might find on my iTunes
Simon & Garfunkel, Adele, Metallica.

Critical to my law practice experience and success
The rules in immigration are changing so frequently that it is imperative to always stay up to date through courses, readings, and news alerts.

What the firm means to me
I am happy to be part of an award winning law firm and a great team of consultants, lawyers, paralegals, and professionals, all working together for a common goal: finding and delivering solutions that are best for our clients.

Emily has been an immigration professional for over 11 years. She is a registered consultant with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). Emily holds degrees of B.A. Honours in English and M.A. in Linguistics from the University of Calcutta.

Emily serves on our immigration consulting team where she offers solutions and strategies for both Canadian and US immigration matters

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"VisaPlace referred us to a great law firm and great lawyers. All I can say is "thank you" for getting my visa quickly. VisaPlace knew exactly what kind of legal team could help where other's couldn't. The fees were reasonable and everything went smoothly. Thank you for everything! I would highly recommend VisaPlace and the immigration attorneys they work with to anyone wishing to move to Canada or to the US."
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